Animated Texture Water Example

I was recently Looking over my old water example, and I decided I could make something that looks a little better.  So I dove into Game Maker (and Photoshop of course) and produced, what I feel, is a much nicer and more realistic water effect.

This water still doesn’t use any other geometry other than planes to create the effect (ie, no actual wave effects), but the new animated texture adds a new level of detail that my previous example just couldn’t pull off with only a few layers of static textures.  I used a similar texture in my old fishing game demo, and I am planning on posting a full tutorial on how to create the effect in Photoshop soon.

The 3D example also includes code for a skybox (courtesy of Yourself), and I will post a tutorial in the future on how to create compatible skybox textures with Terragen as well, too.

Anyway, the zip includes a 2D and 3D version of the example, for both GM6 and GM7.  I’d appreciate that you use this for learning only – so don’t use the artwork (animations / skybox) without obtaining permission from me first, please!

Download here (3.68 Mb) and enjoy!


  1. Dmaster270 - Over a year ago

    That was awesome Fred. My was score was in the 50’s most of the time. ::lmao::

  2. xot - Over a year ago

    Very nice. You cheated with the specular highlights but the results speak for themselves.

  3. xygthop3 - Over a year ago

    Really nice effect. A impressive improvemnt on your previous water effect.

  4. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Thanks guys, glad you like it. It’s an effect I’ve kind of held under wraps for a while, since I haven’t really had a need for a water effect like this yet… it works from an old animation technique I discovered for CGI use many years ago, which turns out to look pretty decent in GM as well.

    It uses a lot of frames of animation, and relies on pulling textures every step, so I can’t say it’s 100% system friendly, depending on your setup. Works well enough, though. :)

  5. Chris94 - Over a year ago

    Amazing! Looks much better than your old water example! :D


  6. BenRK - Over a year ago

    It’s missing something… like a… um… OH! Like a bottom of the skybox!

  7. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    It doesn’t need a bottom. I know the images don’t do it perfectly, but they should all fade to the same color at the bottom, so the empty space can just be the background color.

  8. retrosity - Over a year ago

    ok, jesus christ, my folks thought i was good at gmaker, but you guys, holy anal retension, you guys r de bomb, can one of u help me wid my game?

  9. Liza - Over a year ago

    My fellow on Facebook shared this link and I’m not dissapointed that I came to your blog.

  10. david wheeler - Over a year ago

    man thats an awesome water effect ,and easy to make to ,,the 3d doesnt work right it says error ,,but i can fix that ,,i think u just put it in the wrong event

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thanks David – what version of Game Maker are you using to load the file? I might have to tweak it for GM8, since these were all made in GM7.

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