My current collection of art, in order from present to past. If you’re looking for samples of work I’ve done professionally, check out my Work Samples page.

Chalk It Up 2012 Another year at this local art event in Sacramento. Watch me cover another square of concrete in chalk dust.

Year of Art 2011 A project in which I created a drawing every day for the entire year of 2011. A long, strange journey.

Chalk It Up 2011 Local artists from all over Sacramento came out to produce a great collection of sidewalk chalk art. Check out my square.

Work Samples If you’re looking for examples of work I’ve done professionally, you’ll find it on my work samples page.

The Art Archive All of the art from my old website, an odd collection of pieces from my days at college. It’s a blast from the past.

Singulars Miscellaneous projects that weren’t part of a larger whole. More coming soon!