Being a longstanding member of the internet community, I’ve madeĀ all sorts of avatars, profile backgrounds, and other kinds of identifying images for my own use and for friends. Below is a sample of some of my favorites that I’ve made over the years.

Steam avatars
Avatars for my Steam profile

Rage Flip Avatar

"Rage Flip" avatar and profile background I made for a friend
“Rage Flip” avatar and Facebook profile background I made for a friend

The GameMaker Community collection

Below is a collection of avatars I used over the course of my more frequent visits to the GameMaker Community forum. The letter ‘F’ is featured prominently because my username on those forums is “FredFredrickson”.

f_icon f_gears f_icon_robot f_icon_whoa f_icon_tile1 f_icon_newyear f_icon_halloween10 f_fall_ani3 f_icon_fall f_icon_fall_00 f_icon_fall_01 f_icon_fall_02 f_icon_fall_03 f_icon_fall_04 f_icon_fall_05 f_icon_cold f_icon_xmas f_icon_apple f_icon_electric f_icon_stoneglow f_icon_smb1 f_icon_tf2

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