Blender Addon: Export GameMaker 3D Model

In addition to my other Blender addon, which creates scripts for importing 3D models into GameMaker: Studio, I’ve also created this variation, which will export to GameMaker’s built-in model format. This will allow you to keep your 3D model files separate from your GameMaker project file and hopefully keep your script list a little less cluttered. The files are also somewhat smaller, since they don’t include the additional GML code.

You can get the latest version of this script here:

It works almost identically to the other addon, except the output is different and you don’t need to import it as a GML script – just (optionally) add the file to your “Included Files” on your GameMaker: Studio project’s resource tree, then load it up with the d3d_model_load() function. The install process for this script is the same as well, so if you don’t know how to install addons for Blender, check out the other page.

If you spot any problems or have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them here or get in touch with me on my contact page. Hope someone out there finds this useful!

Special thanks to shad0w for this ancient GameMaker Community topic, which helped me quickly figure out how the built-in model format is set up.

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