Weekend Fun & Competition #4 Entry: Progress Update 2

This weekend was a much-needed break from all the stuff that’s been going on lately.  We got a nice bit of rain on Friday night, and my girlfriend and I spent that night and all of Saturday watching movies and lounging around.  I would have liked for the cloudy weather to last a little longer, but the Friday rain left Saturday feeling cool and fresh, if not gray.

So now I’ve finally seen Baby Mama, which was hilarious, and Iron Man, which was also good.  I also saw bits and pieces of 27 Dresses, a chick flick my girlfriend picked out, as I bounced back and forth between my computer and the TV.  It had its moments.

The rest of my weekend was spent at an indoor soccer game, doing laundry, working on achievements for Grand Theft Auto 4, and throwing down some retro gaming on my newly acquired GameCube.

Amidst all that fun stuff, I also found some time to do some work on my YYG Competition #4 entry.  The car you saw in the last post now has textured tires, I’ve made some preliminary tree textures, and I am working on a layout for the area you can drive around in for the activities in the game.

Graphically, I want to see the game look bright, clean and open.  Since most of the gameplay will be driving the car around the yard (what I’m calling the open, drivable area) and a racetrack of sorts, I think it’s important that the graphics are bright and clear, and fun to look at.  Sound will also play a large role in bringing the world to life, but I won’t be adding that until much later in the design process.

I believe I mentioned this in my last post about the comp, but as far as control goes, the car in the game is mostly finished.  It’s able to go forward, backward, brake, turn left and right (at greater degrees depending on speed), and use a simple e-brake for making tighter turns.  I’ve got collisions in the game now as well, so the car can bump up against walls…  It’s basic, but I’m afraid I don’t have time to program anything too advanced as far as collision physics go.  I might refine what I have a little later on to make them a bit smoother, but for now what’s in there works.  The only thing I may tweak as far as the collisions go is upping the scale of the game by two, so that I can use more precise sprites for collisions.  This shouldn’t be noticeable on the graphics end, thanks to the nature of 3D.

Most of the work I am focusing on now is conceptual – I know where I want to take the game, but I need to envision what the world should look like, and how the interactive areas will play out.  I have a look in mind for the area decor, but translating a painting of a scene in your mind to working, interesting 3D can take some time and thought.  I’ll probably be working on maps later on tonight – perhaps I’ll post one when I’m finished.

Also on the table is a little bit of character design, as I’m going to have the few characters in the game be represented as simple cartoon-style characters, hopefully to strike a good balance between something a little realistic (the driving portion) and a little more inviting (in menus, interacting with NPC’s, etc.).

So yeah – lots of work to do.  Plenty of time to do it.  I’ll continue posting my progress as the game gets built.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Mattthew_H - Over a year ago

    Sounds like another cool weekend then Fred! I am really exited about seeing your comp entry! It sounds really cool! I hope that you soon finish it :P


  2. xot - Over a year ago

    You’re going to BlizzCon this Friday, right?

  3. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Yup – got tickets for my brother and I for his birthday. :)

  4. Pallas - Over a year ago

    Cool! I really like reading your blog! :D

  5. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Glad you like it, Pallas. Hopefully I can continue to entertain!

  6. Broxter - Over a year ago

    FredFredrickson – Born Entertainer…


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