Blender Sketchbook

Piranha Plant render


As a practice exercise for modeling/creating materials in Blender, I decided to work on a model inspired by the famous pipe-infesting Piranha Plant enemy from Super Mario Bros.

The model was created as a very simple low-resolution mesh with a SubSurf modifier to add detail, and all the textures were created using Blender’s internal texture nodes, in Cycles.


Mini handheld console render – update 3



After finishing the last render in this series, I posted it to Facebook and a friend of mine who has a lot of experience working in the VFX industry gave me some great critique. So I took this the project back to the drawing board and using his notes, re-worked almost every part of the scene. The result is a much better render!

You can read a bit about the process of building this render here.

Mini handheld console render – update 2


Here’s the final render for my handheld system, which I’ve dubbed the Martendo.

To finish this one off, I tweaked a lot of the finer points of the geometry of the cartridges, added pins to the boards, and put some images on the screen and cartridge labels.

This was a satisfying little Blender project for me. It’s always nice to be able to set aside some time and just make something for the fun of it.

Mini handheld console render – update 1


A small update to the render I posted the other day, featuring a chunky little handheld game console.

I’ve worked on the back a bit, adding a battery compartment, an indentation for the console information, and some screw holes (which actually have screw heads in them).

I thought I was pretty much done with this, but after I rendered it out, I noticed that the cartridges just don’t look finished. I think I also want to add some generic branding/labels to the carts and the back of the console too, and maybe a simple image on the screen. I might do that part (the screen) in Photoshop though, just to make things simpler. We’ll see!