Blender Sketchbook

Mini handheld console render


This is just a quick little render of a handheld video game console I made today. The proportions are probably all off, but I like how it looks. There’s a volume wheel on the opposite side, and I even left a slot in the back for a cartridge.

Future additions will probably include a game cartridge in the back and a battery compartment cover.

Lighting test parts – Update 3


Here’s another update to my lighting test scene I’ve been playing around with in Blender.

I tore out the entire original scene, save for the trees, and re-worked the pieces so they’d fit together better. I might do more work like this in the future, so I can make “islands” of any shape, but for now I’m pretty happy with how things look.


I’ve included a bonus render first-person perspective, just for fun. Since I haven’t filled the whole scene much yet, there isn’t a ton to see, but it will (hopefully) get wilder as I continue to work on the scene!

Lighting Test / Floating Platforms


I created this image as kind of a test to see if I could replicate the lighting and atmospheric look of some of the levels on Mario Kart 8 – which I don’t own and have never played, but which I nevertheless find to be utterly beautiful. I think it’s pretty close, but I’d probably have to make some really fantastical landscapes to see how it really compares. Perhaps a future update?

Abstract Landscapes

After reading through a post by a fellow Blender artist, I decided I’d try my hand at making some abstract landscapes in a similar style. I used similar texture images sourced from Bing’s image search for cauliflower, cauliflower fractal, and pomegranates. These images weren’t terribly difficult to make, but it was enjoyable and educational nonetheless. I’ll be making more of these in the future, I think. It’s fun to see what sorts of alien landscapes images can create when you use them to generate particles and geometry displacement.

Maybe someone out there might like to use them for their desktop wallpaper!

tubes-1 tubes-2 tubes-3