1. The RetroPie logo design contest | Martin Crownover - Over a year ago

    […] I didn’t win the contest, I submitted a handful of entries. I created three versions of the logo and presented four variations of each. That might seem […]

  2. Duff Morrow - Over a year ago

    I like yours better than the winner.

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thanks – me too! :P

      But hey, a contest is a contest. I didn’t go in expecting to win, and it was a fun design challenge in the end.

  3. Henrique - Over a year ago

    I agree with Duff Morrow. Any of your entries is way better than the winner. My favorite is the second version, first variation.

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thanks, Henrique! Maybe I’ll release some of these as a pack that can replace the official logo at some point. Might be fun to investigate how theme-able RetroPie is.

  4. Brandon Morris - 313 days ago

    Hello sir, I was searching the web for some interesting splash screens for retropie and stumbled upon your page. Just wanted to say that I really like your designs. I also appreciate the way you voiced your frustrations here without being nasty or demeaning towards the winner or those who held the contest. You seen like a class act with some first rate designs.

    1. Martin - 291 days ago

      Thanks Brandon, I appreciate the compliments! I actually created a full RetroPie theme which utilizes a version of one of these logos, but I haven’t released it publicly yet. I might do that in the future though, so stay tuned! :)

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