Example Added: Path & Textured Vertex

Per the request of one of my Steam buddies, I’ve added the Game Maker GMK file from an old visual demo I’d made to the Examples & Tutorials page.

This example uses paths, textured vertexes,  particles, and a noise overlay to create a slowly changing, relaxing visual based on the Outta Space desktop wallpapers of the same name created by by Philipp Antoni (and available at his website, Infinise Design).  You may find the flowing movement similar to the flowing home background on the PlayStation 3 / PSP as well.

I originally intended to make this into a screensaver, but never got around to finishing it for that purpose.  Still, I think it’s a good example of an abstract visual that can be achieved with Game Maker using a few different effects in tandem.


  1. xot - Over a year ago

    That’s pretty awesome looking. Thanks for making this in GM7 so cheap bastards like me can look at it.

    If I had to nit-pick (and I do — it’s a character flaw), the static sprite has two or three frames that don’t appear to have the same overall brightness and contrast of the the others. It gives the effect a pulsing quality that’s a little distracting. I only noticed it because I slowed the effect down and I’m a video editor by trade. Normal people don’t see stuff like that.

    Really, this is stunning stuff. It’s extremely beautiful. This would look great in the background of a puzzle game or a menu.

    I’m going to consider using that grainy static effect in the future. I tried something like that before, but yours has a soft quality to it that looks way better than what I came up with. Must analyze it some more.

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thanks for the compliments Xot. Maybe I should use this to kick off the Game Maker Demo Scene, eh? ;)

      I’m not surprised that there is a slight pulsing effect to the grain when its slowed down, actually. I’ve used the effect in a few different projects now and it’s always really hard to get it to look 100% even. Usually, I just run it at 60 fps and if it looks pretty smooth at that point, I don’t tweak it much more. I’ll have to start slowing it down to make sure it’s better though.

      Other problems I’ve had include that sometimes the patterns generated by Photoshop’s noise filter will have a few small portions that are kind of the same or which tile poorly. It can take a while to get right, but the effect is great when you get it right.

      I’ve found that if you use it in conjunction with lots of glowing / shadow / smokey effects, or where you have lots of space filled with the same color, it can really go a long way to make the game look more natural.

    2. xot - Over a year ago

      I recently got to see the PS3 menu for the first time. I think your effect looks better than theirs. I guess their geometry is a little more sophisticated, but when I saw it I went, “Eww”. I say that a lot with Sony products. I don’t mean to be a hater, they just seem to always find a way to turn something great into something wrong.

    3. Martin - Over a year ago

      Yeah, I’m not a huge Sony fan. Never liked what they did with the whole SNES CD / PlayStation thing, and just never got into many of the games on their platforms. Not a big fan of Blu-Ray either.

      They make decent hardware, especially back in the days of the Walkman, but they should stay away from the software business. They’ve never been any good at that.

  2. Davo - Over a year ago

    Pls reupload! thx

    1. Davo - Over a year ago

      nevermind … ^^ the link above is dead but you have a download section. thanks :)

    2. Martin - Over a year ago

      Sorry about that – I’ll try to get it updated soon. I might actually update all of these for GameMaker: Studio now too. Most of them still work pretty well, with a few tweaks. The rain example is a disaster though, haha.

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