Faux Mode 7 GameMaker example updated


I’m continuing to pick through my old GameMaker examples and update them for GameMaker: Studio, and the most recent example I’ve fixed now is the Faux Mode 7 example, which recreates the look of the original Mario Kart in GameMaker.

The example doesn’t emulate true Mode 7 (it uses GameMaker’s native 3D functions), but it uses a combination of techniques to create a retro 3D look.

You’ll find the updated files for this example on my GameMaker Examples & Tutorials page.


  1. david - Over a year ago

    hello the download is corrupt

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      I just tested it and it works fine for me. Maybe try again?

  2. John Sebek - 332 days ago

    Hello i just wanna ask.How to set camera,to follow the keys pressed.(WSAD)? BTW This example is totaly coolest i found good job!

    1. Martin - 331 days ago

      Hello John! You’ll have to remove the code from the object that has it following the path, and then set keys to assign movement with motion_set() or motion_add() – or something like that. Keep on experimenting, you’ll learn more that way, and it’ll help you understand not just how, but why! :)

  3. aaron - 101 days ago

    i cant open gmz files with game maker studio, it needs to be .gmx file format.

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