Finished Winter Comp Entry!

Sun Sun Der

I guess it’s a bit late to announce this here, 5 days after I actually submitted the game to YoYoGames for judging, but what the heck – I feel much more energized after a nice relaxing holiday at my parent’s house, and I figure it’s time to push the game a little bit. So without further ado, my YYG Winter Competition is finally finished!

I present to you the winter-themed SHMUP, Sun Sun Der! Here’s a quick link to play at, more information below!

The spirits that govern the balance of hot and cold on the earth are in turmoil – on the Winter Solstice 2007, the sun’s summer spirits refuse to leave. The goddess spirit of the winter, Friga, is sent to battle the summer and bring about the cold of winter once again!

Title screen Gameplay Gameplay

Play the game here, directly at YoYo Games. If you like the game, I would appreciate it if you’d rate it accordingly… seems the YYG bury brigade has already hit many of the competition entries particularly hard.

Controls are as follows:
Z – Shoot
X – Attract power-ups
C – Special attack (when meter is charged)
P – Pause the game
F1 – Restart the game
F4 – Toggle windowed / full screen display modes
Esc – Exit the game

Anyway, enjoy the game, and thanks to everyone who plays and / or votes. I appreciate all the support I get from the community!


  1. xot - Over a year ago

    I saw an item on Indie Games that says you and Mr. Chubigans are working on Sandbox of God 2. I have to assume it’s going to be entered into the YoYo Ancient Civ Comp since the announcement says “scheduled for a release before the end of April 2008”. I’m surprised there is no story about it here. Good luck in the competition!

  2. xot - Over a year ago

    LOL, OK, I’m an idiot. It says right in the announcement it is for the competition.

  3. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Wow, I am surprised they even mentioned me in that “press release.” Pretty neat, hehe. I’ve announced this officially now, Xot. Thanks for prodding me into action! :D

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