Fire With Particles Example / Tutorial, Site Updates

Fire Example

Well, this isn’t nearly as controversial as my recent rant about proprietary Mac hardware or the problems with piracy, but I’d like to announce that I have updated the Examples & Tutorials page, and added a new example / tutorial to boot.

The new addition, an example / tutorial (perhaps an ‘examporial’?  ‘tutample’?  okay, I’ll stop) shows how to create a somewhat realistic fire effect using Game Maker’s particle system, and takes you through the entire process, from sprite creation to tweaking the final effect for perfection.  You can check out the write-up and download the example files here.

And as mentioned above, I’ve also re-tooled the Examples / Tutorials page, so all the ugly boxes are gone, and everything is much cleaner and better organized.  You’ll also find a partially re-written tutorial for 3D model importing / UV mapping in there, though I’d like to completely re-write this in the future, as my methods have changed a bit since I wrote the original.  I’ll probably be adding my completely unfinished competition project to the open source / abandoned section soon, too.

If you have any suggestions for examples you’d like me to make, let’s hear it.


  1. Mattthew_H - Over a year ago

    Looks pretty sweet.
    The fire example is great. It runs fast, and looks great! I’m sure many beginners to partials with GM will thank-you :P .

    I can’t wait to see your comp 4 entry added to the open source / abandoned section – it looked pretty awesome.

    The new page looks good also BTW.

    Anyway, great job so far Fred. Keep up the good work.

  2. Specter - Over a year ago

    Well, I can’t really comment on the design update as I don’t remember what it looked like before. But in relation to the example…man, I love seeing stuff like this made in GM (especially with such nice code). I was actually thinking of doing something like this but I didn’t know how to make the alpha for the sprites properly. It turns out that I was overcomplicating it, now I see that it is actually quite simple. Thanks Fred.

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