Hover Tank 3D 2

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  • Download game (7.55 MB)
  • Created with Game Maker 6.1 – 640 x 480 full screen
  • Project work time: January 16, 2006 – February 1, 2006


Hover Tank 3D 2, in its form presented here, was the sequel to the popular Hover Tank 3D. HT3D2 was my attempt to improve on the mechanics of the original game while introducing a lot of new features to the engine.

This Hover Tank 3D 2 demo features the game engine and working map editor, and in some ways already surpasses its predecessor. The graphics are probably the most noticeable improvement, as well as the addition of actual terrain. Arena sizes have been increased to roughly 3 times of the original game, and the game has been supplemented with textures all around.

The plan for HT3D2 was to create a primarily multiplayer experience, with battles between 2-8 players. Multiple weapons and (possibly) multiple play modes were planned, and I also aimed to make the game highly customizable. The game would come with many pre-built maps and terrains, but also with a robust editor, which would allow players to create their own levels for use in battle, using an assortment of included textures and models. Custom maps would be downloaded and stored to a user’s computer, and would be playable the instant the player connects to the action. The player’s tank would also be customizable, with a 2-color scheme, and possibly a collection of logos / add-ons.

Since this demo’s release, I’ve changed my mind about the direction I’d like to take a possible sequel to Hover Tank 3D quite a few times.  And while the idea for a sequel still lives on in my plans, any future HT3D games will likely not be built from this engine.

Interesting Facts

The terrain method that HT3D2 uses is based off of the Digital Terrain Model by Mechanikos. The size of the terrain and type of vertices drawn have been altered, as well as the original script that determined if the player object was resting on the terrain.

The skybox used in the HT3D2 demo was created with help from a skybox demo created by Yourself.


  1. Anonymous - Over a year ago

    I was a huge fan of your first Hovertank 3D, I played it many, many years ago and to this day, I still wish a sequel would be made.

    I hope you’ll work on it at some point.

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thank you, I appreciate the compliments! I do plan on making the sequel at some point, and while it will probably be a bit different from the preview version I worked on ages ago, I think it will also be much better than that, too. :)

  2. Anonymous - 185 days ago

    I rather liked the original, and would like to see this project, but the download link appears to be broken. Is it still hosted anywhere?

    1. Martin - 184 days ago

      It’s still hosted here, actually – the link got broken back when my site moved servers though, and I never updated it.

      Should be fixed now!

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