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Alright, so who hasn’t attempted to make a Zelda game in some form at least once in their Game Maker career? I’ll admit, I do get tired of seeing the clones, and I figured that if someone was going to try to do the Zelda-clone thing right, it would be me. Of course, I was terribly wrong; a Zelda game is a much more monumental task than it seems when you first get the movement engine going. I did wind up with a pretty decent looking demo though, as far as effects go, and with a lot more respect for the people who put the original game together.

The plan for this game was to re-tell the story of the original Link to the Past (SNES) but with a much larger, more diverse and expanded world. Houses would include actual rooms, the woods and fields would actually run for a good expanse. It was an ambitious goal, and we all know what happens with the best laid plans of mice and men.

Interesting Facts

  • Sprite sheets? Who needs ’em! Every sprite and tile was ripped for this game by yours truly. This is probably partially why I got tired of making the game, because half of the production was ripping another game apart.
  • Looking at the game now, I find it slightly amusing that when I first released it on the GMC, I was concerned that with all the transparency people would be getting slow frame rates. It does use a few full screen effects, but that is exactly why Game Maker 6.1 is so much better than 5.3 – hardware acceleration!


  1. Zelda Help? - Over a year ago

    I attempt to run the Zelda look a like and Bam, error script scr_inventory
    line 3 pos 77, I Tryed Fixing The Problem but no such luck.

    1. Zelda Help? - Over a year ago

      Ok I fixed it you added 2 too many false’s to the script on 3 lines, Thanks!

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