At the end of January 2017, Exploding Tuba Studios launched its flagship game, Divide – a character-driven, sci-fi action/adventure game – on PlayStation 4. I helped work on Divide as an assistant graphic artist, and it was an amazing 3 years of work.

I worked primarily in the art pipeline, creating low resolution 3D models from high resolution concepts, setting up lighting and atmospheric effects across the game, baking and cleaning up textures, and more. With such a small team (a core group of four people) we all had to do a wide variety of work on the game!

Divide was built with Unity, and I learned a lot about building and managing assets within Unity while on this project.

Even though I’ve worked on games before, this was my largest project to date, and it was incredible to see everything gel together into a fun, engaging experience. Exploding Tuba Studios worked to instill a lot of soul into this game, and I hope people enjoy it!