Fatty Rabbit Hole

Fatty Rabbit Hole is a game project I originally started as just a fun little gag, meant to only go on the web as an HTML5 game, to get me back into playing with GameMaker more, and to give me some practice drawing digitally with my laptop. As I put it together though, I began to warm up to the idea of trying to get it onto Steam as a native application – it just seemed like it could have the quality and variety that Steam users expect, while continuing in the original spirit of the game.

You can play the game in HTML5 form at fattyrabbithole.com, which features a complete version of the game. Currently, the game is also making its way though Steam Greenlight. If you have a Steam account and like the HTML5 version or you just want to help support the project, I’d appreciate your vote!

In total, taking the game from scratch to the feature-complete HTML5 version took me about a month and a half, working mostly in the off hours after my normal work and on the weekends. As the Greenlight voting continues, I’ll be working on adding a lot of extra content to the game, as well as additional configuration options. I’ll keep this page updated as all that continues!

The game was inspired by and contains many jokes from one of my favorite podcasts, Matt & Mattingly’s Ice Cream Social. You should give these guys a listen, it’s a blast!