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  • Download game (1.09 Mb)
  • Created with Game Maker 6.1 – 800 x 600 windowed
  • Project work time: June 21, 2006 – July 6, 2006


Linked is a drawing tool that lets you work on solo projects and collaborations alike! Combining a simple and intuitive drawing system with the power of the Reflect Account System, Linked allows players from anywhere in the world to connect to each other and work on the same drawing, chat, and play games.

Using this program, it is possible to play all sorts of games! Hangman, tic-tac-toe, and pictionary are only a few possibilities! The chat system allows players to view the image that is being drawn while chatting, and vice versa; the player who is drawing can see the chat unfold as he or she works. Linked also provides the hosting player with the ability to limit the amount of new players who can enter, as well as who can draw and who cannot.

Linked began as an investigation into the power of Game Maker’s surface capabilities, and wound up being much more. I truly hope some of you out there enjoy this game, and create some wonderful things with it, by yourself or with a group of friends.

Interesting Facts

  • Linked was created, from start to finish, in roughly 2 weeks. That’s a new personal best!
  • Other titles considered for Linked were, in no particular order: Ink Link, Ink Together, and MultiPainter.
  • Linked was the second game to feature Reflect Account functionality.

Linked (Title Menu)Linked (Network Configuration)Linked (Gameplay)Linked (Multiplayer Chat)Linked (Saving)

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