Sun Sun Der

Sun Sun Der


  • Created with GameMaker 7
  • Date completed: December 22, 2007


Sun Sun Der was a “bullet hell” shoot ’em up I created for the first competition YoYo Games threw after taking over production of GameMaker. Inspired by the Touhou Project series of games (particularly Imperishable Night), Sun Sun Der follows the character Friga, the physical embodiment of the spirit of winter, as she battles hordes of insects and summer spirits to try to restore the winter season.

The plot was a mess, the game a bit poorly thought out, and the gameplay itself very simple, but I managed to finish the game in time to get it into the competition. I didn’t win anything, but was hapy to have participated nonetheless.

I would have liked to include a download link here, but unfortunately the old version of the game I have on-hand has a major mistake in it which ends the game as soon as it begins, and I haven’t been able to convert the project to a newer version of GameMaker yet. The screenshots should give you a fair idea of what the game is about, however.

Interesting Facts

  • The name “Sun Sun Der” was created from the words “sun sunder”, which was meant to convey the idea of the hot sun being abolished to make way for the cold.
  • The music for Sun Sun Der was created by David Perritte, who also created the music for Aces High Over Verlor Island.

Sun Sun Der title screen Sun Sun Der Sun Sun Der Sun Sun Der Sun Sun Der Sun Sun Der Sun Sun Der Sun Sun Der

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