Gears of War 2 “Last Day” Trailer

A new trailer for Gears of War 2, this one to be the official commercial for the game, was released yesterday.  “Last Day” features the musical talents of DeVotchKa, and shows the various members of the Cog army as they prepare for and embark on the next war against their subterranean opponents.

I liked the “Mad World” commercial better I think, but this one seems to highlight the actual game just a smidgen more.  I like that it shows most of the main characters, and again appears to be rendered completely inside the game engine, a credit to the beauty of Unreal Engine 3 and Epic’s graphical abilities alike.  It’s hard not to be excited about Gears 2;  this game is going to be awesome!

I’ve included the Mad World trailer, in case anyone hasn’t seen it.  Truly a great piece of marketing.

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