Just Beat It Already


Almost two weeks ago, I was at work, and had gotten up from my computer to work on some stuff.  As is normal, the screensaver came on after a few minutes.  I prefer my screensaver to be a bit more functional than merely saving the screen, so I have my work computer set up to read the news from CNN’s RSS feed, and display the headlines on the screen.

After a few minutes away from the computer, I happened to glance up at the screen and see something about Michael Jackson going to the hospital, possibly in a coma.  Curious, I sat back down in front of the machine and flicked off the screensaver.  CNN was reporting that Michael Jackson had been rushed off to the hospital, but that details were sketchy.  A quick trip to Digg, which had sucked the story away from TMZ, confirmed what I figured must have happened: Michael Jackson was dead.

That night, all the news websites and TV stations paid tribute to Jackson by playing his music, interviewing his peers and his fans, and talking about his life.  Pretty standard fare for a celebrity death.  As expected, it continued for the next few days.

The problem now, is that two weeks later, it still hasn’t stopped.  A quick peek onto CNN’s website or TV station yields article upon article covering all ranges of the Jackson story from the smallest mundane details of his life to the morbid memorial service.

Seriously, I’ve had enough; I’m tired of hearing about Michael Jackson.

About the only thing I hate worse than this non-stop smattering of tributes is the fact that in death, Michael Jackson seems to have been excused from every questionable thing he did in his troubled life.

And I’m not saying that to take away from the man’s accomplishments.  The guy was an incredibly talented entertainer – there’s no question about that.  In his prime, back in the 80’s and 90’s, Michael Jackson simply couldn’t be beat.  But I don’t think that, just because the guy died, we should forget about the many allegations of child abuse that were made against him.  Or the horrendous mess he made of his face with excessive plastic surgery.  Or even the whole baby-dangling-out-of-the-window thing.

We should acknowledge that Michael Jackson was a talented, yet troubled man, and that to some he will be missed.  Now let’s move on.

To be perfectly honest, I was more sad to see TV pitchman Billy Mays pass away, anyway.


  1. desertdweller - Over a year ago

    I honestly couldn’t care less for Michael Jackson. I just wish the whole deal would stop. He’s dead – get over it, ya know?

    It never ceases to amaze me how so many people could be so strongly attached to one human being…

    And I hardly have heard of Billy Mays…

  2. AKH - Over a year ago

    Billy Mays ;-;

  3. Mattthew_H - Over a year ago

    Yeah. Though out his life he was criticized for many things, now he’s dead – The shock! The horror!

    I agree with DesertDweller, I couldn’t care less either.

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      I thought it was kind of funny – after all this, the day of the memorial, CNN ran a poll on their website asking if you were going to watch on TV, listen on the radio, or not watch or listen at all. I voted for the third option, of course, and had a good laugh when I saw the results. About 40,000 people had voted at that point, if I remember correctly, and of all those almost 90% said they were not planning on watching or listening to the coverage.

      It just made me wonder, if most people are so disinterested in the whole ordeal, why were they making it part of the minute-by-minute reports? That should have been a good indication to them that most people just don’t care, and were probably quite sick of hearing about the whole thing.

      I guess if all the other networks were doing it, it’s hard not to follow suit and try to keep up… but I don’t think that’s a good excuse for saturating the entire network with stories that nobody really cares about.

  4. Marc - Over a year ago

    Never a fan. Not that I don’t like music. The opposite is the truth. However, to act like this circus freak is a lost treasure is beyond me. He is or was not liked by a large portion of society. I just want the media to get a new story. Good riddance The King of Pedophiles!

  5. NakedPaulToast - Over a year ago

    He is the poster child documenting the consequences of self-destructive behaviour.

    I can’t believe how this has been dragged out so long by those close to him and the media.

    Bury him already, he can’t be more than 80 pounds. Just dig the hole.

  6. T-Bird - Over a year ago

    Lol. You think that’s bad…

    Ebay “Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker” for the sega genesis.

    At the time of posting it’s selling for aprox. 41 dollars. But a week ago, it was listed for 1200! And two weeks before his death, a measly 20.

    He was self-destructive and I’m tired of hearing about him, but I hate to see the way people take advantage of him. It’s like a traveling freak show. “Come see the dead white/black man/woman/child that used to sing and dance”!

  7. Thomas Davison - Over a year ago

    Well you’ll all be pleased, because it looks like Phone Tapping has killed of all his headliners!

  8. MasterOfHisOwnDomain - Over a year ago

    If this had happened during the prime of his music career, and had I been part of it, I may have cared a lot more. As it was he hadn’t performed for a long time and that must undoubtedly impact on the effects of his death.

  9. Ginosmooth - Over a year ago

    I like some of MJ’s music but I’m more sad about Billy Mays because people would just dub all of his infomercials to death and it was quite entertaining, oh well we still have Vince.

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