New GameMaker example: 3D Starfield


I’ve updated another of my old GameMaker examples to be compatible with GameMaker: Studio! This time, however, I’ve completely re-imagined the old example, and replaced it with something that demonstrates the same principles, but in a totally different way.

The new example is a 3D Starfield simulation, and it replaces the old 3D Night Sky file.

This new example uses the same technique as the old one, creating a model and using primitives to add points to it which draw as our “stars”, but this new example also adds some linelists to the mix, as well as some infinite motion. I think it’s a much more fun way to see this technique demonstrated, and it wont feel quite as redundant when I get around to updating the day/night cycle example as well.

As usual, you can download this new example over at my GameMaker Examples & Tutorials page. Thanks for checking it out!

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