No Spamk You

Ugh, that title is terrible.  Sorry.

I just wanted to report that over the last 24 hours, Marty Blog got slammed with over 100 comment spam messages.  You didn’t see any of them, thanks to WordPress Hashcash.  Instead, I got to privately view them all (at one point I was getting about one spam comment a minute), and I deleted every last one of them.  I also deleted a post which I think was the catalyst for all of them, a generic comment made on my old post about the Spore Creature Creator.  It’s funny how whenever I post about more popular games at the time, the blog starts getting hit with a temporary surge of spam.

In any case, the spam comments have since slowed down, and I’ve only had one or two to delete all day.  It seems all is well once again.

Oh, and I also picked up Fable 2 on my lunch hour today.  A bunch of good reviews (and an undying love for the original game) can go a long way I suppose.  I’ll report on that later once I get a chance to play it.


  1. Dmaster270 - Over a year ago

    Can’t wait to find out if I should get Fable 2 or not. :)

  2. tuntis - Over a year ago

    You should really consider using an automated spam filtering solution like Akismet or Defensio (my favorite) instead.

  3. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Well, up until this point, WordPress Hashcash was working great. For some reason the spam traffic has greatly amplified over the last few days though, and I’m not sure why. None of it ever gets through onto the pages, so it seems strange to me that they somehow got the green light and began upping the spam volume.

    I’ve enabled Akismet now (since it was already installed). If that doesn’t work, I’ll give Defensio a try as well. Stupid spammers!

  4. kc lc - Over a year ago


    … that sounds like a Harry Potter spell.

  5. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Haha, yeah it does. They should make one called Expelliarmus!

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