Quick Reflect Competition & WordPress 2.7


I just wanted to post a quick note to tell everyone about two things, the currently on-going Reflect Games Competition and WordPress 2.7.

First, the Reflect Games Competition – it began last night, and is ending at midnight PST on December 21.  The challenge is to make a cut scene in Game Maker, pretty much however you want.  The rules are lax and the time is short, so read more about that here, at the Reflect Games forum, and consider throwing something together – you could win a little holiday fun in the form of Steam games, Amazon goods, or iTunes music!

Second, I installed WordPress 2.7 RC1 a few days ago, and all went smoothly…  I’m not even sure that I had more than about 30 seconds of downtime.  Today, the official release of WordPress 2.7 was released, and I got my first chance to try out the automatic upgrade function.  So far, I love it!  Instead of having to download, unzip, and upload a bunch of files, I can now upgrade the entire blog at the push of a button.  The WordPress team deserves a resounding “good job” from everyone who uses and supports their software for this – they really did an excellent job.

Anyway, I’d better get back to work for now, but thanks for stopping in to see what’s going on, and good luck with the contest if you decide to enter it!  The raffle for Marty Blog is still being planned, so don’t miss these two opportunities to win some stuff!

Image courtesy of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition


  1. Yourself - Over a year ago

    That dialog requirement is bogus. Especially after seeing Wall-E where there was like no dialog. If you don’t get rid of it, the one line of dialog I submit is going to be onomatopoeia.

  2. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Haha, if I say it doesn’t have to be in English, or any known language, or just noises, would that be fine? Or should I completely remove the requirement? I am open to change it, since it hasn’t even been 24 hours since I announced it.

  3. Yourself - Over a year ago

    I’d say get rid of it. Seiklus managed its first cut scene without dialog.

  4. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Done & done. We’d better see a good entry from you now. :D

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