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Piranha Plant render


As a practice exercise for modeling/creating materials in Blender, I decided to work on a model inspired by the famous pipe-infesting Piranha Plant enemy from Super Mario Bros.

The model was created as a very simple low-resolution mesh with a SubSurf modifier to add detail, and all the textures were created using Blender’s internal texture nodes, in Cycles.


New Xbox Themes for NXOE


With the New Xbox One Experience right around the corner, I decided to update my collection of “theme” images (basically home screen wallpapers) to work better with the new UI layout. I don’t have any of these posted on this site yet, but since it already exists on imgur, I wanted to at least put the link out there for anyone who might happen to be visiting.

So check out my new set of NXOE Themes here, for now: NXOE 2015 Themes

Dust Bowl Disciples

If you’ve ever looked through my album of drawings for the Year of Art 2011 project, you might recognize one of the illustrations used in the Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation (LACWC)’s new campaign, Dustbowl Disciples:

At around 0:46, you’ll see this:


And that should look pretty familiar – here’s drawing #150 from the Year of Art 2011, appropriately titled ‘Dry Mouth’:

150 - Dry Mouth

Some of the people who worked on the Dustbowl Disciples project were kind enough to reach out to me about using the artwork, and I was happy to help. I re-drew this illustration for them, providing a much cleaner vector version!


I wrote this post with the intent of highlighting the use of one of my illustrations, but I’ll close it by saying that if you’ve got a project which requires illustrations (new or existing), do get in touch with me using my contact form. I’m almost always up for work like this!

Abstract Landscapes

After reading through a post by a fellow Blender artist, I decided I’d try my hand at making some abstract landscapes in a similar style. I used similar texture images sourced from Bing’s image search for cauliflower, cauliflower fractal, and pomegranates. These images weren’t terribly difficult to make, but it was enjoyable and educational nonetheless. I’ll be making more of these in the future, I think. It’s fun to see what sorts of alien landscapes images can create when you use them to generate particles and geometry displacement.

Maybe someone out there might like to use them for their desktop wallpaper!

tubes-1 tubes-2 tubes-3