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Dust Bowl Disciples

If you’ve ever looked through my album of drawings for the Year of Art 2011 project, you might recognize one of the illustrations used in the Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation (LACWC)’s new campaign, Dustbowl Disciples:

At around 0:46, you’ll see this:


And that should look pretty familiar – here’s drawing #150 from the Year of Art 2011, appropriately titled ‘Dry Mouth’:

150 - Dry Mouth

Some of the people who worked on the Dustbowl Disciples project were kind enough to reach out to me about using the artwork, and I was happy to help. I re-drew this illustration for them, providing a much cleaner vector version!


I wrote this post with the intent of highlighting the use of one of my illustrations, but I’ll close it by saying that if you’ve got a project which requires illustrations (new or existing), do get in touch with me using my contact form. I’m almost always up for work like this!

The Tree

Just wanted to throw down a quick update here, since it’s been quite a while, and I’m sure many people out there are sitting on the edge of their seats, wondering if I’m lying in a gutter somewhere.  Many sleepless nights were had, courtesy of my lack of updates, and I am sorry.

Fear not, however!  I am alive and well, and have just been busy with a lot of work and, of course, a lot of play.

I don’t think I’d posted the above picture on the blog yet, so there it is – a tree painting I’d done some weeks ago for a contest and auction for the Sacramento Tree Foundation.  Sadly, it didn’t get accepted into the limited space of the show, but I’m glad to have made it, and I have more ideas for some other paintings in this style.

This painting was done in acrylic paint and paint pen on a 15″ x 30″ canvas.  Here’s the sketch the painting is based on (ink on 5.5″ x 8.5″ sketch pad):

During my time away from the blog, I got to go up to my parents’ house for a bit one weekend, and went out on a small vacation to Sonoma with my girlfriend too.  I had a great time with both, and the time away from doing work has been refreshing.

Speaking of work, I’ve got more work lined up for No Love Skateboarding – along with the rat image I posted a while ago, which was used for a shirt design and then reconfigured for a skateboard design, I’ve done a Denver cityscape and have a few other projects for shirts and boards on deck which I’ll post here eventually. Continue reading

No Love for Rats

Lately I’ve been working with Andrew Gelber, a buddy of mine, to help get his skateboarding company off the ground.  So far this has included creating a logo, re-skinning a WordPress theme, and doing lots of other various graphic projects.  It’s not a lot of work, and it’s been fun and challenging to see how creative we can get.

The above rat image was created to be screened onto the bottom of a line of skateboards Andrew will be putting out soon.  I sent it off to him yesterday, and I’m excited to see the final product.  It’s a remake of the lino-print below, that I made in college for one of my art classes:

The no Love website can be found here.  it’s still pretty basic, and definitely a work in progress, but it’s getting better all the time.  if you live in the Denver, CO area and are interested in this sort of thing, give it a look.