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Barack Obama: President of the United States

You’ve probably already heard, but the United States has finally decided to move forward, and we are doing so with President Barack Obama!

Congratulations to Mr. Obama, and to everyone who donated time or money to the campaign – you guys earned it.  I feel better about my country already!

We’ve yet to see how the propositions on California’s ballot will turn out, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon.

A Long, Hard Election

Did I get you with that title?

Jokes aside, I’d like to take a timeout from my normal routine of game-oriented material to write a quick note about how important the upcoming elections are, and how I’m voting on a few key initiatives.  There are important propositions on the ballot for California, and of course, the general election for the presidency.

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Yes on Prop 2 – Improved treatment of farm animals

I can’t see how anyone who has seen the horrific videos that have surfaced over the last few years of sickly cows being bullied around with forklifts and birds being force fed gross amounts of food couldn’t be concerned about the handling of our nation’s food supply while it’s still living and breathing.  Animals who are raised for human consumption deserve better, and Prop 2 is a step in the right direction for that.

No on Prop 4 – Forcing pregnant minors to wait 48 hours and obtain parental consent before having an abortion

Conservatives have been trying to slowly chip way at women’s rights and women’s right to health care by throwing these kinds of laws at voters, without a worry for the real people affected by them or the problems they pose.  Pregnant teenagers in troubled homes would be forced to make matters worse, and potentially violent, by being required to inform their parents about their pregnancy before having it terminated.  Prop 4 only serves to make hard times worse, and further erodes women’s rights in the process.

No on Prop 8 – Altering the definition of marriage in the California state constitution
Prop 8 seeks to change the definition of marriage in the California state constitution from “two people” to “a man and a woman.”  The fact that this state recognizes same-sex marriage from a legal standpoint does not weaken the religious institution of marriage.  It does not force churches to recognize or perform same-sex marriages.  And it does not mandate teaching of same-sex marriage in schools.

I’m not gay, and I have very few friends who are, but anyone can see how plainly an encroachment this proposition is on basic civil rights.  This kind of legislation is one step away from disallowing couple of different race to marry, and I am completely disgusted that this legislative trash gets put on the ballot every election.

Barack Obama for President of the United States

Over the last 8 years, the United States has been on a collision course.  Our country used to have good-standing and was seen as a pillar of strength and democracy in the world; now we are despised by many, and are viewed as the source of much of the world’s strife.  Our president is not respected at home or abroad.  Our economy is in shambles.  And many of our young men and women who placed their lives and faith in our military are stuck in Iraq, fighting a war which has no conditions for victory.

The United States needs a president who brings something new to the table, and who gets there without grinding people together to create division and disunity.  We need someone who will bring our troops home safely, and without leaving Iraq in a worse condition than it was before we invaded.  We need someone who has a good plan for restoring the economy, and for the future of the nation as a whole.

We need Barack Obama.  And tomorrow I will be casting my vote for him.  I hope that you will join me, and that we might push this country back in the right direction and create history in one fell swoop.
So let’s fix America!  Don’t forget to get out and vote tomorrow if you haven’t already!

Photo courtesy of Ana Schaeffer