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Happy Holidays

Well, that last post was a doozy.  A bit of a hard act to follow, eh?

Jokes aside, that last post really was partially to blame for my recent hiatus from posting here.  After the fallout over the old-new Game Maker logo settled, the dust cleared, and (some of) the anger subsided, YoYo Games stated that they’d be open to suggestions for altering the new logo.  So I helped produce a topic on the Game Maker Community to get everyone’s suggestions in one place, and we eventually ended up putting logos to vote and submitting them to YYG as the community’s official suggestions.

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The New GM8 Logo Stinks

Not Quite the Winning Logo

I’m really disappointed with the new Game Maker 8 logo.

Let me preface this entire post by saying up front that I am not mad that I lost, since I had a logo in the running. I’m really just dismayed over the logo that did win, which I felt was one of the worst of the four runners up.

GM8 Finalists

I also want to say that as a runner-up, I will be receiving a free copy of Game Maker 8, and I am grateful for that. I am glad that since YoYo Games has taken over the Game Maker project, they have kept the community involved as much as possible. I think that hearkens back to the days when it was still only Mark Overmars working on the project, and if you’ll pardon the pun, it keeps a friendly face on the company.

Since YYG’s inception, I’ve been a supporter of theirs. When questionable decisions have been made, I’ve tried to see things from their side of the aisle, and most of the time, I’ve ended up agreeing with what they have done. I’ve defended them many, many times on the GMC, in some cases above and beyond what I would consider what is “required” of the forum staff.

But this time, for the new Game Maker 8 logo, I strongly disagree with their choice. As both a professional graphic designer and a Game Maker user.

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Quick Reflect Competition & WordPress 2.7


I just wanted to post a quick note to tell everyone about two things, the currently on-going Reflect Games Competition and WordPress 2.7.

First, the Reflect Games Competition – it began last night, and is ending at midnight PST on December 21.  The challenge is to make a cut scene in Game Maker, pretty much however you want.  The rules are lax and the time is short, so read more about that here, at the Reflect Games forum, and consider throwing something together – you could win a little holiday fun in the form of Steam games, Amazon goods, or iTunes music!

Second, I installed WordPress 2.7 RC1 a few days ago, and all went smoothly…  I’m not even sure that I had more than about 30 seconds of downtime.  Today, the official release of WordPress 2.7 was released, and I got my first chance to try out the automatic upgrade function.  So far, I love it!  Instead of having to download, unzip, and upload a bunch of files, I can now upgrade the entire blog at the push of a button.  The WordPress team deserves a resounding “good job” from everyone who uses and supports their software for this – they really did an excellent job.

Anyway, I’d better get back to work for now, but thanks for stopping in to see what’s going on, and good luck with the contest if you decide to enter it!  The raffle for Marty Blog is still being planned, so don’t miss these two opportunities to win some stuff!

Image courtesy of the Marin County Bicycle Coalition

Time Keeps On Slippin’

October is drawing to a close, and I’m questioning the future of my newest project, as far as its status as a YYG Competition #4 entry is concerned.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not an entirely unexpected outcome – my project was a bit ambitious.  I still want to complete it someday, as I think the game concept is a good one, and I really liked the way the game was turning out.  Unfortunately, with my trips to Vegas and BlizzCon, and lots of my free time being spent with my girlfriend as we search for a place to live together, I’ve not been able to devote the necessary time to Game Maker, and I don’t want to be stuck trying to rush the game out, since it is still going to require a lot of artwork and programming.

Not all is lost, however.

A few days ago I came up with a decent idea for a smaller game, and if I have the time, I’ll throw it together for the competition.

Since only a handful of people got a chance to play the other game, I’ll post a demo here later for anyone who’s interested in trying it out.  It’s nothing more than a driving engine with some simple collisions currently, but as I mentioned, I would like to expand on it eventually.

The whole year of 2008 has been like this for me, actually.  I’ve begun (and continued) many projects, including the site update for Reflect, a new version of the Reflect system itself, a few games, and some paintings;  disappointingly, hardly any of it has gotten finished.  I suspect that much of it has to do with my limited time for personal projects, an issue that’s been troubling me for quite a while now.

I don’t blame most of my day-to-day obligations, however – I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend very much, and I waste a lot of time playing games and surfing the web to wind down, which is absolutely necessary to my continued sanity.

Other things though, like my daily commute, are increasingly annoying to me – I lose almost two and a half hours per day just driving to and from work.  It’s quite frustrating that, as a creative person, I have such sparing time for actually being creative.

Ugh.  I hate that feeling I get when I have a project I’ve worked very hard on, but which I won’t be able to finish for now.  It’s all part of the process, I know, but that doesn’t make it taste any less bitter.

Anyway, I’ll be posting updates on my competition #4 work as (and if) it progresses.  Thanks to everyone who has supported me in my work thus far, and thanks for reading the blog!  I shall find the time to finish some of my projects – it just takes time!

Weekend Fun & Competition #4 Entry: Progress Update 2

This weekend was a much-needed break from all the stuff that’s been going on lately.  We got a nice bit of rain on Friday night, and my girlfriend and I spent that night and all of Saturday watching movies and lounging around.  I would have liked for the cloudy weather to last a little longer, but the Friday rain left Saturday feeling cool and fresh, if not gray.

So now I’ve finally seen Baby Mama, which was hilarious, and Iron Man, which was also good.  I also saw bits and pieces of 27 Dresses, a chick flick my girlfriend picked out, as I bounced back and forth between my computer and the TV.  It had its moments.

The rest of my weekend was spent at an indoor soccer game, doing laundry, working on achievements for Grand Theft Auto 4, and throwing down some retro gaming on my newly acquired GameCube.

Amidst all that fun stuff, I also found some time to do some work on my YYG Competition #4 entry.  The car you saw in the last post now has textured tires, I’ve made some preliminary tree textures, and I am working on a layout for the area you can drive around in for the activities in the game.

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