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3D Animated Water example updated


I’ve updated my old 3D animated water examples to be compatible with GameMaker: Studio today, combining the two former examples into one superior example.

The previous examples used two methods for creating the water effect. The first used layers of scrolling, textured 3D planes drawn with an additive blend mode to make a detailed, if not always pretty, body of water. The second used a pre-animated texture, created in PhotoShop, to create a similar effect. A skybox was also employed, to make for better background scenery.

This new example combines methods from both of these files to create, in my opinion, a superior effect. With this updated example, the layers of scrolling texture have been relegated to a surface, which gets updated each step. This surface is then drawn over a base color plane for the water, all over a skybox with pre-baked reflections built in.

The effect could probably be more detailed, or could benefit from shader support for true reflections, but for what it is, I think it’s a notable improvement.

You can find the updated file for this example on my GameMaker Examples & Tutorials page.

GameMaker: Studio fireworks example


A little late for the 4th of July holiday, but nevertheless, I’d like to present a new GameMaker: Studio example – particle fireworks!

This is a pretty simple example which procedurally generates everything you see, using GameMaker: Studio’s built-in functions. Most of the effects, such as the fireworks, smoke, and stars, all use the particle system. The sky is made with colored shapes and the land is a primitive.

Even though I started this from scratch, I consider it the spiritual successor to one of my really old game demos, which was also a fireworks simulation. I created that one to test out the particle effects in GameMaker, back when they were somewhat new. Here’s what it looked like, in case you want to see how far things have evolved:


I think it’s safe to say that both GameMaker and I have gotten a lot better at particles over the years!

Anyway, I hope someone out there finds this new example useful. You can find it on my GameMaker Examples & Tutorials page.

Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer updated for GameMaker: Studio


To continue my string of updated GameMaker projects, last night I uploaded a new version of my old Mandelbrot Fractal Explorer project, finally making it compatible with GameMaker: Studio.

The previous version was built in GameMaker 6, and relied on old functions like screen_refresh(), which have since been removed from the program. Surfaces are much more robust these days, so I’ve employed them instead of the old tech. I’ve made a handful of improvements to the functionality of the program as well, including making the zoom center on the view (this had always bothered me before), adding a timer to the render process, and moving the fractal drawing code out of a script (which basically froze the program for input on every update/render) and into the step event where the fractal surface is updated progressively, and the user can easily interrupt it at any time.

Render times remain an issue of course, but this was originally just an attempt to see if I could build something that would render fractals at all, so I still consider it a success.

The full GameMaker: Studio source for this project is now available on my GameMaker Examples & Tutorials page, so if you’d like to tear it apart, make it better, or just see how it works, go right ahead!

3D Rain GameMaker example updated


I’ve managed to get my 3D rain example for GameMaker updated for GameMaker: Studio. I’m accomplishing updates at a pace that I can’t sustain, woohoo!

This new version is near-fully commented, and includes an updated rain effect that uses very simple models instead of textured walls. It also introduces water splash ripples, and has a much better skybox than before.

Check out the updated example at my GameMaker Examples & Tutorials page. Enjoy!