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Example Added: Path & Textured Vertex

Per the request of one of my Steam buddies, I’ve added the Game Maker GMK file from an old visual demo I’d made to the Examples & Tutorials page.

This example uses paths, textured vertexes,  particles, and a noise overlay to create a slowly changing, relaxing visual based on the Outta Space desktop wallpapers of the same name created by by Philipp Antoni (and available at his website, Infinise Design).  You may find the flowing movement similar to the flowing home background on the PlayStation 3 / PSP as well.

I originally intended to make this into a screensaver, but never got around to finishing it for that purpose.  Still, I think it’s a good example of an abstract visual that can be achieved with Game Maker using a few different effects in tandem.

Game Maker PSP Runner, NEW CTO Announced by YYG

Looks like the cat is finally (officially) out of the bag!

What was alluded to in a few obscure screenshots and then not very subtly in the YoYo Games Competition 5 rules has now been made official in a Glog post today; that YYG has been hard at work on a version of the Game Maker runner that works on PSP.

YYG also announced that they have hired Russel Kay as their Chief Technical Officer in charge of all future Game Maker development.  Kay is the former Senior Software Architect for Realtime Worlds, and while his new post at YYG seems to imply that Mark Overmars may not be taking as big a role in future versions of Game Maker, Sandy (presumably) tries to set those fears to rest in the announcement:

Also, don’t worry about Mark Overmars, he won’t be disappearing.  Mark is too busy with his University commitments to take up a full time role at YoYo Games, but he has recently strengthened his links with us and he has been fully involved in the process of recruiting Russell at every stage.  Mark has already been working closely with Russell and he will continue to have a great influence on Game Maker and our community.

I’m pretty excited for YYG and Game Maker – I think that if they can successfully make the jump to consoles / handhelds they could become a very lucrative company (almost like Steam for consoles / handhelds).  I also think that with new talent on board, we might see larger advancements in the power of Game Maker, and sooner.

Of course, if they can’t make that happen it could spell the end of Game Maker.  But with a lot of smart, talented people on board, I’m not concerned about that.  Interesting news, anyway.

Happy Holidays

Well, that last post was a doozy.  A bit of a hard act to follow, eh?

Jokes aside, that last post really was partially to blame for my recent hiatus from posting here.  After the fallout over the old-new Game Maker logo settled, the dust cleared, and (some of) the anger subsided, YoYo Games stated that they’d be open to suggestions for altering the new logo.  So I helped produce a topic on the Game Maker Community to get everyone’s suggestions in one place, and we eventually ended up putting logos to vote and submitting them to YYG as the community’s official suggestions.

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The New GM8 Logo Stinks

Not Quite the Winning Logo

I’m really disappointed with the new Game Maker 8 logo.

Let me preface this entire post by saying up front that I am not mad that I lost, since I had a logo in the running. I’m really just dismayed over the logo that did win, which I felt was one of the worst of the four runners up.

GM8 Finalists

I also want to say that as a runner-up, I will be receiving a free copy of Game Maker 8, and I am grateful for that. I am glad that since YoYo Games has taken over the Game Maker project, they have kept the community involved as much as possible. I think that hearkens back to the days when it was still only Mark Overmars working on the project, and if you’ll pardon the pun, it keeps a friendly face on the company.

Since YYG’s inception, I’ve been a supporter of theirs. When questionable decisions have been made, I’ve tried to see things from their side of the aisle, and most of the time, I’ve ended up agreeing with what they have done. I’ve defended them many, many times on the GMC, in some cases above and beyond what I would consider what is “required” of the forum staff.

But this time, for the new Game Maker 8 logo, I strongly disagree with their choice. As both a professional graphic designer and a Game Maker user.

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