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Getting Started with Stylus Drawing

After all these years, I’ve finally got some hardware capable of doing digital drawing – and so I’ve been spending time playing around with it in my spare time, getting used to how it feels, and learning how to use Manga Studio 5.

Here’s a quick drawing I did today, just for fun:


No story behind it, just a bunch of random doodling here. Hopefully I’ll have more soon!

Dust Bowl Disciples

If you’ve ever looked through my album of drawings for the Year of Art 2011 project, you might recognize one of the illustrations used in the Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation (LACWC)’s new campaign, Dustbowl Disciples:

At around 0:46, you’ll see this:


And that should look pretty familiar – here’s drawing #150 from the Year of Art 2011, appropriately titled ‘Dry Mouth’:

150 - Dry Mouth

Some of the people who worked on the Dustbowl Disciples project were kind enough to reach out to me about using the artwork, and I was happy to help. I re-drew this illustration for them, providing a much cleaner vector version!


I wrote this post with the intent of highlighting the use of one of my illustrations, but I’ll close it by saying that if you’ve got a project which requires illustrations (new or existing), do get in touch with me using my contact form. I’m almost always up for work like this!

Footballer Portraits

49ers progress 1One of my former coworkers at CytoSport commissioned me (with beer) to create an illustrated sign for her for an upcoming 49ers game. Here’s a work-in-progress image of some of the player portraits for the image.