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The Beatles & Amazon

Is there a reason why The Beatles’ music (in digital format) hasn’t expanded beyond iTunes yet?

It’s really disappointing to me that I can’t buy their music anywhere online unless I want to buy a disc and have it shipped to me or unless I want to use iTunes, which I don’t. Surely there’s money to be made by ending exclusivity with iTunes, and if there’s anything the recording industry likes, it’s the sound of piles of money rolling in. So what’s the deal?

While I’m on the subject of music, I also would like to ask why Amazon’s mobile app, at least the Windows Phone 7 version, doesn’t give me access to my cloud-stored music.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Last.fm, Pandora, and a slew of other services can all stream music stored online… so why not Amazon as well? They already automatically store all of my music purchases online, they have a huge network of content servers across the globe, and they’ve got an app out for all the major mobile platforms. It seems like a no-brainer.

Apple Critical

Recently, a few of my friends have made comments to me about how I “hate Apple”. I just wanted to take a moment here and clear the air on the subject.

I do not, in fact, hate Apple.

Am I critical of some of the stupid things they do? Sure. But I am that way for many things, including things that I really enjoy using / being a part of.

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Mass Effect 3… Multiplayer? Sigh.

When EA acquired BioWare in 2007, on the eve of its successful franchise launch with the original Mass Effect, I tried my hardest to reserve my criticisms until after they shipped a few more products, and we would start to see just how extensive the inevitable changes to the company would be. With BioWare’s history of crafting superb games, it seemed like I owed it to them to at least wait for the dust to settle before making any judgments.

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I’m a Team Fortress 2 Free-to-Play Noob

So the other day I was playing Team Fortress 2, and someone accused me of being a “free-to-play noob”. I was chided as being one of the newbie players who only recently got into the game because it became free-to-play, despite my owning and playing the game since 2007.

But let me back up a little bit. I was playing Team Fortress 2 the other day, and having a less than stellar round. Some people on my team, who had been playing on the server before I got there, were using their microphones to play the game. These players were being too vocal, to the point that I couldn’t concentrate on the game because of all the “mic spam”. Being annoyed at my repeated effort and lack of results, coupled with the inane chirps and squeals of the mic spam, I did what any right-minded online gamer would do: I told them to “shut the fuck up”.

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New Phone On The Way

So I’m finally getting a new phone, and taking the plunge and getting a smart phone, no less.  I’m replacing my old LG Chocolate with an HTC Trophy, which as I am typing this, is currently riding shotgun with some anonymous FedEx driver, getting ready for glorious times ahead with Marty.

In case you’re not up on your phones, the HTC Trophy is a Windows Phone 7 phone.  I tried out the iPhone 4, and though I like my iPod Touch, I just can’t get that far in with Apple at this point, and it annoys me that everyone has them.  I also tried a handful of Android phones, and while I liked some of the features they offered, it all seemed a little janky.  I think I’m just kind of tired of thumbing through pages of tiny icons.

Finally, I tried out Windows Phone 7, and frankly, I like it.  It’s different, but not pointlessly so.  It’s got a sharp look, and it’s all simply coherent and snappy.  Also, since I had an upgrade coming from Verizon, and since they were doing some kind of online promotion, I got the new phone for only $50.  This is my golden parachute for if it doesn’t work out, but I have high hopes for it and don’t expect that to happen.

But before you get all huffy and start hammering out a comment on why I should have gotten Phone X instead, let’s share a moment reflecting on the things I won’t be missing about my old LG Chocolate.  If we can’t love the same thing, let’s hate the same thing, alright?

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