Team Fortress 2 Spy & Engineer Update

TF2 Engineer Closeup

While I simply haven’t had time to devote to much Team Fortress 2 lately, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been interested in it.  My game is up to date and ready to play, and I’ve been keeping up on all the sparse bits of official news, which have been released via the Team Fortress 2 Official Blog.

Their latest announcement reveals a few incoming updates for the Engineer and Spy, as follows:

  • Teleporters will be upgradeable to level 3. As the teleporter is upgraded, the cooldown will decrease.
  • Dispensers will be upgradeable to level 3. They will heal faster and generate metal faster as they are upgraded.
  • Spies will be able to recharge their cloaking ability by picking up ammo off of the ground.
  • We’ve made a bunch of minor changes by adding particle systems and upgrading the HUD to show things like deaths by critical hits, players that are overhealed, and giving more information to medics when people are calling for them.

The Engineer is my favorite class, so I’m happy to see him getting some love from Valve soon.  I’m not particularly good at being a Spy, but it is one of the classes I generally have a lot more fun with, and I am happy to see this change coming, as this is something I have felt you should be able to do from the very beginning.  With all other characters able to pick up dropped weapons for ammo, building, etc. it only makes sense to allow the Spy to pick up these lost armaments as well, especially since the cloak ability replenishes so slowly on its own.

I’m also excited to see the minor changes mentioned in the fourth bullet point.  Playing as a Medic should be even better, and it’ll be nice to see more information listed on the HUD for critical hits, overhealing, etc.

Just talking about these upcoming changes is making me hungry for some TF2.  Maybe it’s time to stop working on my new blog layout / games and start doing a little PC gaming again?

Image courtesy of TF Portal


  1. Thomas Davison - Over a year ago

    I haven’t played the game for a long time. But the last week I’ve been playing the game almost every time I got home from work! It’s an amazing game, truly.

    But it’s even better now, with the updates and more maps.

    Now sorry to leave this comment here, but I’ve gotta go play some more!

  2. Dmaster270 - Over a year ago

    If you can adjust your graphic properties on you computer, set Gamma to 5.0 Brigthness to -60 and Contrast to 40. TF2 looks awesome like that.

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