Team Fortress 2 – The Sniper

In all my excitement over the Spore Creature Creator and trying to fit my game playing / creating time into the remainder of the day, I nearly forgot that Valve had announced a Team Fortress 2 update, along with the release of a new character vignette!

Meet the Sniper is another brilliant clip introducing the playable character classes from TF2, this time, quite obviously, for the sniper.  The short video follows the sniper around his “workplace” as he guns down and machetes enemies, drives his truck, and…  talks on the phone with parents (who, by the sniper’s own admittance, don’t like his job).

The camping scene and the ending are also fantastic, but I won’t ruin it for you – watch it for yourself, below.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, these videos are the result of a fantastic promotional campaign for Team Fortress 2 by Valve.  They shine with the kind of polish that can only be obtained via confidence and respect for one’s work, and considering how great of a game Team Fortress 2 is, and continues to be with each class update, Valve has a lot to be proud of.

I’ve yet to play the updated flame-thrower, but I’ll be sure to report back here when I do.

And for one last note – don’t forget to download Firefox 3 if you haven’t already.  It’s hardly been 24 hours since its launch, and the new browser has already been downloaded over 7 million times!  That number seems a bit bloated, but – wow!  Congratulations to Mozilla – there’s no doubt their little browser is a big hit.


  1. xygthop3 - Over a year ago

    This is the update I’ve been waiting for, my two prefered classes, The Sniper and The Pyro. I was not overly impressed with the new Medic updates but I know Valve would have chosen the Medic specificly because it is the weeker and lest prefered class and they can implement the new unlock and achivemnt system on a class that is less important wich allows them to work out all the bugs.

    I’m really looking forward to jumping back onto TF2 and getting reacquainted with my old friend, the Pyro. I’ve been spending far to much time on the xbox 360 playing GTA4 and COD4 and been neglecting my PC games and GM project. Damn you addictive online COD4 :D

  2. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    I hear ya – I’ve only recently stopped myself from playing GTA4, and held off on urges to play massive amounts of Mass Effect… and now I’ve lapsed back into a World of Warcraft addiction, along with a competition-fueled GM rush.

    It’s hard for me to fit TF2 into that schedule before I can’t play TF2 in short bursts… whenever I play the game, I don’t look up until 2-3 hours have gone by. It’s just a great game… and I guess I’m going to have to schedule time for it. :D

  3. Eddy Munn - Over a year ago

    Yeah, TF2 is my favorite game by far.
    What’s your steam ID? I’ll play you sometime!

  4. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    I don’t remember – I’ll look it up! :D

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