Team Fortress 2 Update – Sniper… and Spy?

Man, I go away for a small vacation and I miss the next big TF2 announcement from Valve!  Not a big deal, really – I did have quite a good time on my trip, so a TF2 update kinda takes a back seat in terms of awesomeness…  but more on that later.  Valve’s got a new update page set up for the next TF2 update, and it looks like it’s going to be another sweet addition to the game.

So far, they’ve announced The Huntsman, a bow and arrow for the Sniper that can stick enemies to walls, Payload Race, a new game mode that’s kind of like a two-way Gold Rush, and another item for the Sniper, The Razorback; a back-mounted shield that keeps the Spy from stabbing him.  Oh, and speaking of the Spy, he’s also snuck in for some update goodness; he’ll be getting The “Dead Ringer” Spy Watch and The “Cloak and Dagger” Spy Watch, which will let him fake death and stay cloaked forever respectively.

Like the other updates Valve has brought to TF2, these will change play considerably, but also seem very well thought out, so hope fully balance will not be hurt too much.  I haven’t played TF2 in a month or two and I’m pretty excited about all this…  hopefully this will be the push I need to come back to the game, as it is one of the more fun experiences I’ve had in online gaming.

Anyway, maybe I’ll see you there – and hopefully I’ll see you back here soon as well, as I write a bit about my recent vacation.  Thanks for reading!

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  1. MasterOfHisOwnDomain - Over a year ago

    My friend was getting excited about those updates as well. He’s an avid TF2 player. I’ll have to see what all the fuss is about one day, but first I need to get The Sims 3!

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