The Shifting Game Maker Scene

A lot of other Game Maker-related events have happened since I last blogged, as well.

New Admins

Another big development over the last few months is that I am now an admin at the Game Maker Community forum.

Following the sudden retirement of longtime community leader KC LC, the GMC needed admins. Chronic, who was pretty much the sole active admin after KC LC’s retirement, needed help.  Xot and I talked with YoYo Games’ Kirsty Scott about this, and within a few days we were given promotions.  We’ve both previously served as global moderators, and earlier, simply moderators.  And I’d also like to think that we both bring something fresh to the community’s leadership.

I guess it all sounds a bit silly when you write it out.  But I am happy to be a part of the community, and glad that YoYo Games trusts many of us enough to help guide the forum into the future.

Game Maker on PSP, iOS

Speaking of the future, a lot more information has come to light recently (and over the period of time where I didn’t update the blog) on the continued development of Game Maker’s runner.

At the beginning of the summer, we were shown a copy of Skydiver running on PSP, and much more recently, we’ve seen Madness Madness Madness running on an iPod and Skydiver on iPad.  It’s an impressive feat, and I look forward to seeing where it leads for Game Maker users.

The PSP runner wasn’t as impressive to me, simply because I knew that even if they did work out all the kinks, it would never truly be easy to release GM-made games on the platform.  There are simply too many hoops to jump through.  For that reason alone, the iOS runner seems much more promising to me.  I hope that I might get a chance to help push out some games for it early on, depending on how YoYo Games plans on publishing user-created content.

I still hate saying “iOS” out loud though.  Eye-oh-ess.  Does not roll off the tongue.

Oh, and I’ve also been really happy with all the information Mike Dailly (YYG) has been posting on his blog about the development of upcoming Game Maker releases.  It’s been a good read, and I like that someone so experienced is heading up that project.

Discovery Competition Entry is Go.  Er… No.

A much smaller blip on the radar was the Discovery Competition entry me and some buddies (Matt “Lethalanvas” Griffin and David Perritte) were working on.  It took off at tremendous pace, and then we all got a little too busy and we stopped working on it.

Originally we wanted to keep it a secret, so there wouldn’t be much hype about it if we didn’t finish (good thing, right?), but now I figure we might as well show off what we’ve done.

Basically, it’s a game about a ninja assassin type guy who’s lost his memory and who wants to stop the world from collapsing around him. It features a robust platform engine, coupled a ton of slick animations by yours truly, which lets you run, slide, grapple ledges, swing from ceilings, and eventually a lot more.  The gist of it was to create a story-driven platforming experience that gave players a lot of difference challenges at once, so they could work on levels in whatever order they liked, to an extent, depending on their skill level.

If we can all find the time, I wouldn’t mind working on it again sometime next year, actually.  We all put a lot of work into it, and although there isn’t much to do in the game right now, there is a lot of stuff that we have done, including a written story, an awesome platforming engine, some killer graphics and animation, and some cool tunes.  I don’t want to see it go to waste.

I’ll try to get a demo or something up eventually.  Like I said, we don’t have much of the actual gameplay hammered out yet, but it’s fun to play around with.


  1. xot - Over a year ago

    Whoa! Marty, that game looks phenomenal. Obviously I don’t have much to go on here, but I really like what I see. Great forms and textures, really easy to read visually. I hope you guys find some time to finish it up. Did you start with an existing platform engine, or did you roll your own?

    I would have liked to have participated in the Discovery Competition, but I just couldn’t seem to get motivated. I had some ideas that were good fits for the theme, too. Maybe next time (ha!).

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thanks, Xot. Those screens are a tiny bit different from what the game looks like now, but mostly it’s pretty much the same. I’ll clean up the newest build we have and post it sometime soon. It’s still got a few glitches in the platforming, but it’s mostly pretty solid. The engine itself was coded entirely from the ground up by Dave and Matt, with Dave starting it with the basics, and Matt adding on all the complex stuff.

      It was indeed tough to get motivated. Especially when we were looking at a pretty solid schedule of development almost every night for 1-2 months. I think that’s probably why we burned out on it. I do hope we finish it sometime though, because the story we came up with was interesting (or at least I think so, hehe).

  2. Mark13673 - Over a year ago

    I agree with xot… those screens are antastic and make me want to see how it looks in movement! Can´t wait for the demo/beta that you are preparing (but I will probably have to…).

    Oh, and on the subject of competition06, weren´t you and xot involved in the final judging? How about a blog post on that talking about the experience and which ones you liked etc….?

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Thanks Mark – I’m anxious to post it just to see what you guys think. I have a couple more posts to make before I do that, but it’s on the way.

      As for judging, I believe Xot got his picks in before the deadline, but as excited as I was about being able to take part (especially since my own entry didn’t get finished), I wasn’t able to find enough time to play all the games. I browsed through them though, and they all looked really nice. I’m always very surprised at the quality of the submissions.

      Next time I’ll have to hunker down and commit to either getting something out or really helping with the judging, I suppose. :)

      If you have any other suggestions for posts, I’d love to hear them though. It’s not always easy to come up with interesting stuff to write about!

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