Whats New with Marty (Catorce de Mayo Edition)

I just wanted to make a quick post to point out a new feature, an upcoming addition, and to talk about what’s in store in the coming months for my games and my web endeavors. I’ve got some neat stuff planned, and I hope that there will be something for everyone here when it’s all said and done.

User Registration at Marty Blog

This was actually a request of a friend of mine. I’ve now opened registration up on the blog, which means that, if you so choose, you can now register as a Subscriber, login, and have the site remember your user details for when you post. Frankly, I should have done this sooner. You can still comment without registering though, so if you’re not the type who likes to register, everything is just as it was before!

Games On the Way

If you’ve read up on the archives of this blog or poked around a bit, you’ve noticed that part of the reason why I created it was to replace my old games site with something easier to maintain and with broader use. You might have also noticed that, while my examples have made the jump from old site to new, my games haven’t – but I aim to change that soon. Within the next week or so I’ll be adding a special page to house my games, with better descriptions, control explanations, etc. so don’t forget to check that out (especially if you haven’t played all of the games yet!).

Reflect Games Site Update

It’s been a long time in the making, but I am slowly moving closer to releasing the new version of the Reflect Games website. The changes are a mixed bag of functional and aesthetic improvements, and will include a friends list, credit store, highscore page, improved stats and profiles, and a lot more. Though all the new features will not justify the amount of time it’s taken me to finish, I think the site will look more professional and will offer more reasons for people to create and use Reflect accounts. I’ll post more about this when I draw closer to the update.

Cross-Site Mayhem

My buddy Dandri, the guy who requested registration here, currently runs the Official PlayStation 3 blog at MySpace, and is looking to expand his operations to a whole new site this summer. We’ve been talking about doing some cross-site promotions, and since we both have extreme opinions about certain aspects of the gaming world, we thought it’d be interesting to do some interviews and other things along those lines, so keep your eyes peeled for that stuff as well. Again, I will post more about this as the details emerge.

What About Game Maker?

Depending on when the upcoming YoYo Games Competition 3 is announced, and exactly what they decide to do with the user-created theme, “co-operation,” I might just be entering. I liked that they gave developers more time to work on games for the second competition, and I’ve got a couple of ideas that might prove to be fun if they work out correctly.

I’d also like to be getting in more Game Maker in general, but with the Reflect Games website revamp, Grand Theft Auto 4 (as well as other games), my job, and my girlfriend, I’ve not had too much time lately to work on anything significant. Hopefully I’ll be able to turn that around this summer, as I finish the website and the games up. I’ve got a few small projects I’ve had floating around on my computer for a while that I am considering just releasing the source code for as well.

In any case, I’m trying to get things rolling a little more swiftly than they have been, and to get things out the door. I’ll be publishing more What’s New with Marty to show my progress in the coming weeks / months, providing there is anyway.

If you’ve got anything to add to my to-do list, feel free to let me know with your comments – my head hasn’t exploded yet!


  1. xygthop3 - Over a year ago

    Great read, can’t wait to see everyting unroll in the coming weeks.

    Just looking at your pic:-
    I always considered getting the keyboard attachment for the 360 controller, but for the amount I would use it and for ease of use, I opted for a silicon flexiable USB keyboard with set me back a massive $7 and rolls up for easy storage when not requried. I always thought that the 360 keyboard looked a bit out of place as well :P

  2. xot - Over a year ago

    I’m eager to see what is in store for Reflect Games. I think I’ve got a good project coming up that I’d like to make “Reflect enabled”.

  3. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Xygthop3 – Yeah, I see what you mean. I like the way it fits snuggly into the concave area of the controller, and it never really gets in the way or makes the controller too heavy either. I sign into my MSN on the 360 time to time, and writing messages (in and out of games) is so much easier with it. A USB keyboard is just as good though, so if that’s what you prefer, then more power to ya. :D

    Xot – Hopefully you like the changes to the site, and feel free to PM me on the GMC or on Reflect with a link to your game when it’s ready (unless of course, you’d rather just release it to the public at the same time). I always like seeing some fresh games coming down the pipe!

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