WordPress 2.7 Looming

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With the upcoming release of WordPress 2.7, I’m considering redesigning the look of this blog – especially if the current theme fails to be compatible.

The official release of 2.7 will be in 5 days (on December 10th), but I’ll probably change over to Release Candidate 1 before that, at which point I will disable themes and plug-ins so as to determine which will work and which will not without affecting the upstime of the site too much.  So if Marty Blog goes “vanilla” and reverts back to the default WordPress theme for a while in the coming days, don’t worry – it’s just Marty tinkerin’ with the new WordPress.

It’s funny how these sorts of things grow on you – a few years ago I had neither the time nor the interest in maintaining a blog.  When I finally came around and felt it might be an interesting endeavor, I entered into it a bit timidly, and spent lots of time trying to figure out which software would be the most versatile, and the easiest to use.  WordPress had a nice, clean look to it, and looking over the feature list and stumbling upon many sites that used it helped push me over the edge to try it out.

It turned out that my investigating paid off – and I’ve been enjoying WordPress for over a year now.  The amount of updates and the quality of the plug-ins available has always impressed me, and I hope that I can say the same moving forward into the big changes with version 2.7 over the coming weeks.

If you’re interested in blogging, I recommend giving WordPress a shot.  You’ll probably like it!


  1. Ian - Over a year ago

    I just downloaded the wordpress thing a week ago, uploaded it to my host, and i like it so far. I am only going to wait to download that release candidate thing for a little while

  2. Yourself - Over a year ago

    Plug-ins for equations are crap, though. No one’s made anything that’s actually decent (like a WYSIWYG equation editor that integrates with the comments form). It’s quite fiddly getting equation stuff to work. I wish there were better support for it.

  3. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    I wanted to get RC1 on my site so that when the official release hits, I can take advantage of the auto-update feature. :)

    And yeah, I’ve not seen any good plug-ins for equations, Yourself. I kind of wish WP had built-in codebox support too, but the plug-ins I’ve tried for that have been decent, so I guess I can’t complain too much.

  4. Mattthew_H - Over a year ago

    I guess a bonus of having your site hosted by WordPress, is not just an issue of bandwidth, but also that it gets uploaded instantly.
    Which can be a problem for me, as I only have Dial-Up, it can be a real pain.
    As well as using cPanel, it can be annoying uploading all of though files!
    So, for me, it was the better choice.


  5. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Yeah, I think that if I didn’t already have my own site, I would have given WP.com hosting some serious thought – it seems to be a good resource for WP blog hosting, and getting updates and all that stuff instantaneously is cool too.

    I do enjoy the complete control over everything I have with this setup though, so no complaints from me. I’ll be dropping RC1 on my blog today I think, so hopefully all goes well. :)

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