YYG Winter Comp Entry… It’s crunch time!

Sun Sun Der

Well, I had planned on doing a pretty extensive write-up about my thoughts on the integrity of some of the game media websites as of late, but for now I’m going to put this off. I am working very exclusively on my entry for the YoYo Games Winter Competition, trying to get everything finished for the December 23 deadline. It’s been quite hectic, and I’ll be glad when I can finally use my spare time to relax again!

That said, the game is coming along well. It’s not quite as big as I had hoped it might be in the beginning, but procrastination and other obligations have kept me from making it something huge for the sake of the competition. Depending on how well the game is received, I might just give it the Reflect treatment after all the dust has settled. And despite the frantic development schedule, it’s definitely been fun so far – I will be glad to have participated in the first YYG contest, regardless of the outcome (providing I finish, of course). At the very least, it’s been fun carving out a game in a genre I haven’t yet explored very much.

I’m finally ready to spill the beans on what exactly the game is though, so here goes! The name of the game is Sun Sun Der, and though it’s a pretty standard kind of “shmup,” I’ve been using the game Imperishable Night (a “bullet hell” style game) and some friendly advice from Cactus to mold the idea into something (hopefully) more memorable.

Title screen Gameplay

Not to overdo anything, I’ve kept the story for the game relatively simple, to reflect the relatively simple gameplay. This is all subject to change, but basically, you play as Friga, the spirit / guardian of winter. Every winter solstice, the spirits of the sun / summer must leave the earth to make way for the winter spirits to take over. Predictably, this year those spirits have refused to leave, so Friga must fight them and force the winter season to begin. Sure, it sounds a little silly… but I think setting up a serious and involved story for a game where a flying woman with blue hair kills hordes of fireflies would be infinitely worse.

So there you have it. Maybe not a particularly ground-breaking experience, but hopefully a visually pleasant, fun, and somewhat challenging game will await! Enjoy the screenshots above, comment, and thanks for reading!


  1. Daniel-Dane - Over a year ago

    You forgot to say, hopefully getting you win.

  2. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    To be perfectly honest, I didn’t set out to win the competition. I’ve really only set out to try a new genre, make a decent game, and help promote Game Maker. Anything beyond that could be a pleasant surprise. :)

  3. Daniel-Dane - Over a year ago

    An native American once said, one who starts his sentence with “to be honest” always lie.

    Of course, that was just an old, mad Indian.

  4. Daniel-Dane - Over a year ago

    Mind my grammar.

  5. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Erm… are you callin’ me a liar?

  6. Daniel-Dane - Over a year ago

    Who doesn’t do it for the money? :P

  7. pedrosorio - Over a year ago

    Lol… Great argument you two are having… Well, from you I guess we can only expect a great game. Good luck with the comp.

  8. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Thanks pedrosorio… and no D-D, I am not doing it for the money. I make enough money at my job. :P

  9. Grand-High Gamer - Over a year ago

    That has to be the first time I’ve ever heard ANYONE say they got paid enough.

  10. Grand-High Gamer - Over a year ago

    P.S: Your entry looks amazing.

  11. Daniel-Dane - Over a year ago

    Well, FF, I have to agree with ghg.

  12. Verion - Over a year ago

    Such a thing exists as people getting enough money o-0

    Anyway, Good luck, it looks cool

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