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  • Download demo (1.1 MB)
  • Created with Game Maker 6.1 – 640 x 480 full screen
  • Project work time: July 3, 2004


After playing with the Game Maker particle system for my Fireworks Demo, I was inspired to make a game that took some advantage of it. Partially inspired by ToeJam & Earl (Genesis), I created Bees!, a game where you take control of a swarm of bees, set to expand across the land. I had some great ideas for this game, and for a long time I felt that it would be my next big piece of work, but due to poor coding, and not enough interest (two things that are becoming the theme of my unfinished work section) I decided to just create one level with it and set the project aside for other things.

Bees! was set to be very ambitious, with different types of humans wandering around, like bee-keepers, kids with squirt guns, etc. Multiple electrical lines would be strung across levels, with different colors of fans, power couplings, etc. indication which ones they were. The goal of the development of the game was to make an action / puzzle hybrid, and I think that even this single level demo does a great job of that.

Interesting Facts

  • As was mentioned above, the game was influenced slightly by the Sega Genesis game, ToeJam & Earl, an overhead 3rd person game where you wander the land looking for missing spaceship parts. This game features the same perspective, similarly styled graphics, and of course, swarms of bees.

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