Cannon Canyon

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  • Download demo (1.98 MB)
  • Created with Game Maker 6.1 – 400 x 300 full screen
  • Project work time: N/A


Cannon Canyon was meant to become a game where on or two people play against each other to race to the others’ side. The premise of the game is just that – get to the other person’s side before they get to yours. Along the way, you use cannons that fire at random power, and a bag of tricks that let you hinder your opponent’s progress, while boosting your own. All the graphics were made by myself, and I think it is one of the more visually stunning side-scrolling parallax games I have made with Game Maker.

Unfortunately, my interest in the project waned as I continued, and the code got messy. Because of this, after a short break from it, getting back into the code was very difficult. Coupled with a lack of interest from friends I had showed it to, I decided to quit the project, in lieu of finding another, more gripping work (both for myself and for others).

Interesting Facts

  • Hover Tank 3D uses a modified version of the sun graphic in the title screen of Cannon Canyon.
  • The backgrounds in Cannon Canyon were created from photos found on Google, manipulated to loop, and blurred to give a sense of depth. The main character and cpu player graphics are both original animations by me, though I borrow the basic motion from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
  • The music in the background of the title screen is a midi version of Simon & Garfunkle’s Mrs. Robinson, and the music in the background of the level is a midi version of What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) by Information Society. The original music I wanted to use for the level was What Have I Done to Deserve This by the Pet Shop Boys, but I couldn’t find a good midi version.

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