Dust Bowl Disciples

If you’ve ever looked through my album of drawings for the Year of Art 2011 project, you might recognize one of the illustrations used in the Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation (LACWC)’s new campaign, Dustbowl Disciples:

At around 0:46, you’ll see this:


And that should look pretty familiar – here’s drawing #150 from the Year of Art 2011, appropriately titled ‘Dry Mouth’:

150 - Dry Mouth

Some of the people who worked on the Dustbowl Disciples project were kind enough to reach out to me about using the artwork, and I was happy to help. I re-drew this illustration for them, providing a much cleaner vector version!


I wrote this post with the intent of highlighting the use of one of my illustrations, but I’ll close it by saying that if you’ve got a project which requires illustrations (new or existing), do get in touch with me using my contact form. I’m almost always up for work like this!

Mini handheld console render – update 3



After finishing the last render in this series, I posted it to Facebook and a friend of mine who has a lot of experience working in the VFX industry gave me some great critique. So I took this the project back to the drawing board and using his notes, re-worked almost every part of the scene. The result is a much better render!

You can read a bit about the process of building this render here.

Mini handheld console render – update 2


Here’s the final render for my handheld system, which I’ve dubbed the Martendo.

To finish this one off, I tweaked a lot of the finer points of the geometry of the cartridges, added pins to the boards, and put some images on the screen and cartridge labels.

This was a satisfying little Blender project for me. It’s always nice to be able to set aside some time and just make something for the fun of it.

Mini handheld console render – update 1


A small update to the render I posted the other day, featuring a chunky little handheld game console.

I’ve worked on the back a bit, adding a battery compartment, an indentation for the console information, and some screw holes (which actually have screw heads in them).

I thought I was pretty much done with this, but after I rendered it out, I noticed that the cartridges just don’t look finished. I think I also want to add some generic branding/labels to the carts and the back of the console too, and maybe a simple image on the screen. I might do that part (the screen) in Photoshop though, just to make things simpler. We’ll see!

Mini handheld console render


This is just a quick little render of a handheld video game console I made today. The proportions are probably all off, but I like how it looks. There’s a volume wheel on the opposite side, and I even left a slot in the back for a cartridge.

Future additions will probably include a game cartridge in the back and a battery compartment cover.