Marty Blog Big 50: Post & Win

Well, it’s finally happened – Marty Blog’s 50th blog post is here!  Not too shabby for a project that sprang to life as a mere experiment to organize my thoughts on gaming, art, developing, and the rest of that fun stuff.  I’ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of Marty Blog so far, and I’ve got some neat stuff planned for the future, so I hope that you’ll join me as I add more content and features to the growing pile o’ stuff here.

To help celebrate the continuation of Marty Blog, and to give back to everyone who’s helped make the blog fun for me, I’ve put together a little raffle – which I’ve dubbed Post & Win!

What can you win?

The grand prize for the raffle is a brand new (digital) copy of Valve’s über fun frag-fest Team Fortress 2!  If you’ve already got a copy of TF2, or if it’s not really your thing, I’ll also let you sub in any other single game of equal or lesser value that’s currently on SteamHere’s the list.

Additionally, two runners-up will be able to choose from any single game currently on Steam for $5 or less.  You can find a list of these games here, which includes such classics as Commander Keen, Day of Defeat, and Silent Hunter III.

How do you enter?

Simply post a comment below (make sure to enter an email address I can contact you with in the appropriate area of the comment form) and tell me what you think about Marty Blog.  Suggestions, criticism, and long manifestos of support and encouragement are welcome!

Your name will only be entered into the raffle once, no matter how many comments you leave, and registered users of the site who comment will have a slightly higher chance of being chosen.

Entrants must have a Steam account, or must be willing to register for one if they win.  Steam is free, it’s a great service, and I am happy to promote it.  If you win and I am unable to award you your prize within a reasonable amount of time, the item will be re-raffled.  Apologies to anyone who lives outside of the U.S. or who doesn’t have access to Steam or it’s catalog of games.

Attempts at entering your name into the raffle more than once (or any other kind of cheating) will result in your name, and all aliases thought to be associated with you, removed from the drawing.  And of course, Marty Blog reserves all rights to make the final decision on the validity of any entry.

Entries close at the end of the weekendSunday, August 3rd at 11:59 PM PST – so be sure to make your comment before then!  Winners will be announced the following day.

Thanks again to everyone out there who reads Marty Blog now and then.  I truly appreciate your visits to this site, and I hope that the site remains fun and enjoyable to you as we move into the future!


  1. BenRK - Over a year ago

    A chance to win a game for Steam? Hmm… I’ll take it!

  2. Yourself - Over a year ago

    I posted this; where’s my present?

  3. Zakreon - Over a year ago

    Go Marty Blog! Righting wrongs and being awesome!

  4. BenRK - Over a year ago

    Hah, I need to read the rules more. I know I’m only counted once, so I’ll only count my self once.

    Anyway, what I think of this blog? I need to come here more often, as you come up with some fun info, even if I’m not interested in all of it (either because I’ve never played it due to computer/money issues, or because I really don’t care for the subject at hand), but I don’t have to read what I’m not interested in. *thumbs up*

    I have a lot of catching up to do. *favorites*

  5. xygthop3 - Over a year ago

    I’m just posting to show my appreciation of the blog and the enjoyment I get from reading your opinions. Great idea on the prize giveaway. The sustainability of the blog looks promising.

  6. Dmaster270 - Over a year ago

    Well I think that the blog you have is nice. I like how you have a bunch of categories. All of them seem to fit, and I like how mainly follows one theme. But will occasionally change.

  7. F1ak3r - Over a year ago

    Marty blog is great. I get a lot of my mainstream gaming news from you, because all my other feeds are gamedev or webcomic related. I enjoy reading your long blog posts, and usually agree with your rants about such things as gametrailers and Sonic.

    What do you mean by “apologies to those who live outside of the U.S.”? I live outside of it, but I’ve got Steam.

  8. Purity - Over a year ago

    I like this blog because i get to feel like i know you in real life. It’s not that im creepy, its because your pretty much my Gm/art idol, I recently look at this site to see what your up to. I also look at, and as well. I like how you add your weekly comic at and i like how you always get your games done. I remember i was here recently and you had all those nachos, that was awesome. Its also cool how you can always get some awesome graphics for your games too.

  9. mischiephX - Over a year ago

    I always enjoy a nicely kept blog, so your posts are always refreshing as you give a pretty fair analysis on a lot of different topics. Congrats on your 50th blog!

  10. Thomas Davison - Over a year ago

    I always love seeing your signature on the GMC with a new blog post labeled on it. I click it and come here to read all the new and exciting news your weekend/week has went for you. Reading about all sorts of articles ranging from Nachos to backlogs of games from Holidays abroad to Games you’ve made. So well done for the 50th blog!

  11. CoolGamrSms - Over a year ago


    I just recently found out about your blog through your signature at GMC, and I’ve been browsing through it, not saying much. I really like your blog, some of your blogs are funny, but all of them are good. I must say, this is one of the few blogs that I actually come and look at, just because I want to! (The only other one is Tahnok’s, he’s got some cool games coming along) So yeah. Great blog, and congratulations!


  12. pedrosorio - Over a year ago

    Something tells me this is going to be the post with the most comments in your blog. Yes, I also enjoy watching your signature at GMC and knowing there’s a new post here, and overall your blog is quite interesting and enjoyable. Also nice idea on the game, but I’m unlucky to not live in the US so I’m just posting to increase the comment count I guess =)

  13. falkflyer - Over a year ago

    I must say, your taste in video games is excellent. Of course, I just got TF2, so when- er, IF I win (NO IT’S NOT RIGGED, SHUT UP!) I’ll have to pic kout a different game. Also, many thanks for the Truspace link and the icon maker; I have yet to figure Truspace out, but the icons are a big help!

    Here’s to another 50 and then some!

    PS: Friggin’ finish Falcon Squad!

  14. Yourself - Over a year ago

    I want my present!

  15. desertdweller - Over a year ago

    “I want my present!”
    I do too!

    Whoever posts below me is in big trouble! :) [j/k]

  16. CoolGamrSms - Over a year ago

    Wait a minute…

    Is that a smiley at the bottom of the page?!

  17. CoolGamrSms - Over a year ago

    Oh, I didn’t know I could sign up for this site! I will as soon as my e-mail starts working again… Stupid outlook express! (Sorry for all the comments, I need an edit button :P)

  18. inoneed12 - Over a year ago

    I’ve had your blog in my RSS feed since about the time you first posted information about your Winter Competition entry back in December. Ever since then I’ve continually come back, because not many other blogs are as written as well and choose to write about what you do, it’s that simple. The only suggestion/wish I have for this blog is that it was updated with more posts so I could enjoy it more. You seem well on your way to this goal with 12 posts last month, so thanks for everything you’ve done with this blog, mate. Keep up the good work.

    By the way, I especially liked your rant about “twitter” lol

  19. Xxypher - Over a year ago

    I say only people who go to the Reflect Forums should be able to enter.

    I have heard so many good things about Team Fortress, and everything in the orange box. But I am too poor to be able to buy the game. The new one looks great though!

  20. Thomas Davison - Over a year ago

    Woops i live in England, anyway i already have TF2.

  21. Raytheon - Over a year ago

    Marty Blog is the only blog I ever visit because Martin has a good taste in games and everything I like, it’s posted well and gives me something to read while i’m waiting for 6002309345 websites to load.


  22. Deus Ph3x - Over a year ago

    Money makes the monkey dance.

  23. xot - Over a year ago

    I like Marty because he is absolutely shameless when it comes to bribing people to visit his blog. I like his blog because Marty is a smart, funny guy with interesting thoughts, acute observations about games and pop tech. He writes original material and doesn’t simply recycle other people’s stories. I also like this blog because it is not GM centric, or even worse, GMC centric. The blogosphere is incestuous enough already. I also like RSS. RSS good. OK, that’s enough pandering, NOW GIMME!

  24. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Haha, I like Xot because he calls ’em as he sees ’em. :D

  25. Zakreon - Over a year ago

    Agh, whats all this Marty has excellent taste in games? What about his DENUNCIATION of Crysis, which is a great game? That’s a minus three in my book. Though I must say that the writing is sharp and the layout is perfect. So lets just say nothing happened and enjoy the blog.

  26. tarotstefan - Over a year ago

    I don’t really have any suggestions right now, the only thing that bothered me was that you had big breaks in your posting (you posted something, than after weeks, you post again), but now all seems to be in order. :)

  27. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Speaking of which… I probably need to get to posting again.

  28. Raytheon - Over a year ago

    “Agh, whats all this Marty has excellent taste in games? What about his DENUNCIATION of Crysis, which is a great game? That’s a minus three in my book. Though I must say that the writing is sharp and the layout is perfect. So lets just say nothing happened and enjoy the blog.”

    Let me just reiterate what you said

    “in my book”

    Thus, your opinion. Crysis isn’t all its cracked up to be in my book

  29. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    Well, that’s it guys – any posts made past this one are not going to be entered into the raffle. I’ll have results posted tomorrow afternoon (probably somewhere between 6-8 PM PST. Thanks for entering, and hope to see at least some of you return now and then, hehe. :D

  30. Zakreon - Over a year ago

    “Thus, your opinion. Crysis isn’t all its cracked up to be in my book”

    Hey now, the topic on hand is MY book. Don’t you try starting a business in my territory! I mean, er… Can’t wait for the results!

  31. davidp - Over a year ago

    gash, i’m to late, crap. well, i’m gonna make myself team fortress in GM then -.-

  32. CoolGamrSms - Over a year ago

    So… Who winned?

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