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New Xbox Themes for NXOE


With the New Xbox One Experience right around the corner, I decided to update my collection of “theme” images (basically home screen wallpapers) to work better with the new UI layout. I don’t have any of these posted on this site yet, but since it already exists on imgur, I wanted to at least put the link out there for anyone who might happen to be visiting.

So check out my new set of NXOE Themes here, for now: NXOE 2015 Themes

Website Redesign, 2013 Edition

If you’re a frequent visitor of my website (and why would you be, honestly?) you might have noticed that the site’s look has changed a bit over the last few days.

Well, as you might’ve guessed, I’ve updated the website’s theme again, and will be continuing to make improvements and adjustments over the coming days / weeks. This is an effort to both make the website more clear, as well as take it away from the stark look it had since the last revision. A spring cleaning, with a little bit of fashion, if you will.

If you happen upon something that looks weird drop me a note and I’ll check it out. Thanks, and I hope everyone enjoys the new look!

New Theme!

I’ve spent an unfortunate portion of my weekend putting together a new theme for the blog – and here it is!

If you notice any quirks with the new theme, please let me know – I’m so tired of looking at CSS and PHP I can’t be sure that I’ve gotten everything fixed (aside from the login screen, will do that soon).

Anyway, hope everyone likes it!  I’m off to play some Xbox…  or pretty much anything else that doesn’t involve me sitting at my computer.