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Recently, a few of my friends have made comments to me about how I “hate Apple”. I just wanted to take a moment here and clear the air on the subject.

I do not, in fact, hate Apple.

Am I critical of some of the stupid things they do? Sure. But I am that way for many things, including things that I really enjoy using / being a part of.

I do however, hate Apple’s throng of fanboys; that loud, angry minority of Apple users who will argue how great their new iDevice is while they’re lugging it through the mall to their local Apple Store to get it repaired. But instead of going on and on about why I hate Apple zealots, here’s a good real-world example (the first comment on this article from

I’ll stay with my two-year-old opinion. iOS and Mac OS X will never merge, but they will continue to complement in feature set (Mac to iPhone to iPad to Mac, and so on) and connectivity (iCloud, etc.). One day, iOS and Mac OS X will get canceled after Apple creates a new OS that reinvents computing. When they find a way that’s got the precision and speed of the mouse and keyboard and the ease-of-use and mobility of the touch screen, they’ll implement that input method into the new OS. I give it 5 years (up to 10) — otherwise, another company (I’m not betting for Microsoft — they never did anything extremely innovative, IMO) may become the new Apple.

I’ve bolded the worst part. The whole comment is bad, but the ignorance, arrogance, and stupidity that went into drafting that single bolded sentence is mind-blowing to me. It’s like reading the words of a religious zealot. Totally ridiculous.

So long story short, I don’t hate Apple; I hate its die-hard fans. And just to keep things fun, here’s a short list of other fanboys I can’t stand, in no particular order:

  • PlayStation 3 / Sony fanboys
  • Dallas Cowboys fanboys
  • Halo fanboys
And I’m sure there are many more that I just can’t think of right now.

Anyway, that felt good to get off my chest. Feel free to leave me a love letter in the comments about it.

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  1. Dangerous Dave - Over a year ago

    Why would you go to a Mac fanboy site and expect not to find Apple zealots? That’s like going to youtube to read some insightful and thought out comments.

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Haha, well I didn’t go there *not* expecting to see ridiculous comments. The source of the comment I provided isn’t really relevant anyway, because the comment was provided solely to show the type of zealotism that I can’t stand. It could have come from anywhere and I would still hate it the same.

  2. xot - Over a year ago

    Between this and an attitude shift concerning lolcats, I have to ask:

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Haha! Hey, I never said I’m a huge fan either. And I still think their computers are a rip-off, their phones are over-hyped, their tablets are a waste of money, and anyone who can’t see those things has their head up their ass. Real Marty is alive and well. :)

  3. ugriffin - Over a year ago

    I’m not a fan of Apple, but I do think that Mac OS X is a brilliant OS. Does that make me your enemy? :3

    (For the record, iOS is nice, but I wish Palm had never gone bankrupt).

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      No, no… When I say fanboys, I mean the worst of the worst. The type who *unconditionally* love everything Apple creates, call every bug a feature, and who hate others for even *considering* using a computer that doesn’t run OS X. Fanatics, basically. Hate those people.

  4. SunnyKatt - Over a year ago

    Agreed 100%, I can’t stand them. :P

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