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In lieu of making any actual posts in February, I’ve been working on getting my old, outdated games page set up on the blog, and I’m just about done with it.  All that’s needed to do is add a few more games to the list, dress things up a bit, and maybe convert all the old games to GM8.  You can find the link to the new page in the header menu, or by clicking here.

And yes, I’ve also been working on the Reflect Games re-design again.  It’s slow-going, as always, but it’s coming.  CSS always gets me down when it comes to turning a Photoshop comp into a working design, but I’m getting better at it.  There’s a lot to like about CSS, and in my opinion, a lot to hate too.

Anyway, I just wanted to explain my absence and point out the new section above – hopefully this turns out to be a better home for my games than the old site.  I’ll be shutting that site off and linking the “games” subdomain to that page soon. Consolidation is good.


  1. Broxter - Over a year ago

    Nice. How about some thumbnails to go to the side of the list. Would make it prettier.

    1. Drazzke - Over a year ago

      I agree, thumbnails are a good idea, and some screenshots, would be awfully nice as well :)

    2. Martin - Over a year ago

      Yeah, screenshots / thumbnails are coming. I wanted to just take some new screens last night, as I am not sure what I did with all the older high-res ones, but none of the games are set up to work on Windows 7… and I don’t have Windows XP installed on any of my old computers right now.

      So I figured that this is sort of a two-birds-with-one-stone thing, and I am working on converting the games over to be Vista / 7 compatible with Game Maker 8. I spent a few hours last night on Evolites, and I actually made a few small improvements to the game while I was in there, so be on the lookout for that and the others soon.

      Any other comments would be appreciated as well. :)

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