One of These Things Is Not Like The Others


I don’t think I’d be too far out of line if I said that we all have little fits of nostalgia now and then.  And what better way is there to fulfill these odd urges than by jumping online and finding all those old videos on YouTube, toys on eBay, and DVD collections on Amazon?

So it was that I find myself browsing Amazon the other day, looking at old cartoons.  Something I’d read that morning reminded me of an old cartoon I’d enjoyed as a kid, Doug, and I wanted to see if anyone ever got around to putting the series on DVD.  This was one of those times when a mere search would satisfy my curiosity; no purchases were to be made.

As soon as Amazon appeared in my browser, I typed in the word “Doug” into the search bar, and a few moments later was looking down a long list of cartoons and shows, many of which I remember watching in my youth.

The list read like a lineup of classic Nickelodeon shows: Doug, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko’s Modern Life, Hey Arnold!, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Rugrats, Losing Control, The Secret World of…  wait, ‘Losing Control’?

Losing Control

Yes, Losing Control.  A softcore porno.  In the middle of my Doug search results.

I find this completely hilarious.  Right smack dab in the middle of a bunch of cartoon DVD collections is some random adult DVD, which I can only surmise is there because one of the actors is named Doug Jeffery.  A page or two down, the same search also yielded a Girls Gone Wild video, which apparently included “commentary” by comedian Doug Stanhope.

Maybe all those Bing commercials are right – perhaps we are indeed suffering from Search Overload Syndrome.


  1. kc lc - Over a year ago

    Funny, but not surprising, since you searched “all departments”. Searching TV & Movies for “doug + cartoon” is safer.

    Speaking of search engine mishaps: my Aunt used to travel for her job. She wanted to make reservations for her trip to France so she used Google.

    Her first search was “paris”.

    “My God! Who is THAT?”, she gasped. Since she wasn’t aware of pop culture, I explained it to her. Then I recommended she narrow her search with the name of her hotel.

    Unfortunately, her next search was “paris + hilton”.

    “Cripes, this is even worse!”, she cried. So I recommended she narrow it again with another term.

    So she tried “paris + hilton + vacation”.

    “Now she’s on the beach at Maui!. What does this have to do with visiting Paris? Google is useless.”

    1. Martin - Over a year ago

      Haha, yeah I could see that happening. She’d probably find the unexpected results of my search more tasteful than the horrors she found with her vacation search!

  2. Desert - Over a year ago


    Sometimes you just never get what you’re looking for, eh?

  3. Zeon - Over a year ago

    Lol this made my day

  4. Schyler - Over a year ago

    Typical whenever you’re searching for anything meaningfully.

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