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Being as interested in games as I am, it’s hard to keep from playing them.  I do play quite a lot of games.  And even though much of the time I spend playing games amounts to nothing so far as actual, tangible achievements go, I do consider at least some of the time spent useful as far as my knowledge of graphical effects and current gaming trends goes.  I’ve got to stay on top of this gaming thing, after all, especially if I’m making games of my own!

The trouble is, I’ve accumulated a pretty large backlog of games that need finishing, or some other attention of sorts.  In order to help myself organize this list, I’ve posted each game on my to-do list below, along with a progress report.  Read how behind I am!

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Diablo 2

Status: Just started

Following Blizzard’s recent announcement that Diablo 3 is in the works, I re-installed and began playing  Diablo 2 for a little bit of nostalgia, and to bring myself more up to speed with the series.  I’d played Diablo 2 before, but never got too far through it, and I figured that now would be a great time to pick it up again.  It’s an old game, so it loads and unloads fast enough to play casually whenever I want, and though the graphics are a bit dated (the resolution is locked at 800×600), it’s still a lot of fun to play.  The only problem is that the game is just as I remember it – incredibly addictive.

Just as long as I don’t wear out my mouse with all the frantic clicking, I should be okay.

Grand Theft Auto 4

Status: Somewhere around 30-40% complete

I’m not sure what happened with GTA4, but for some reason, I stopped playing it for a while.  I think it was a combination of my re-ignited love for PC gaming, and running one to many failed missions that involved a lot of driving at the outset.  Seriously, when I press the button on the in-game cell phone to retry the failed mission, I shouldn’t have to drive all the way there again!

Team Fortress 2

Status: Need medic and pyro achievements

I’ve not spent as much time with TF2 as I’ve wanted over the last few months – I just haven’t had time.  Every time I pick the game up, I don’t stop playing for 3-4 hours, and that’s a hard chunk of time to try to fit into my busy schedule.  As noted above, I need the achievements for medic and pyro, as I have yet to even try out any of the new weaponry.  Hopefully I’ll have some time one of these weekends to sit down and work through it all, without becoming hopelessly addicted again.

World of Warcraft

Status: Grinding for PVP gear / rep

I’ve hit the level 70 player cap, I’ve gotten my epic flying mount, and I’m guildless…  what should I do?  Play PVP battlegrounds for gear and grind enemies for reputation, of course!  Fun sometimes, and boring the next, there’s always something to do in WoW.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Status: Halfway through the final case

This one’s almost finished – I just haven’t had time to play it much lately.  Looking at the list above, and taking the rest of my real life obligations into consideration, that’s reasonable, right?

Half-Life 2: Episode 2

Status: About halfway through

I really like HL2 – I even pre-ordered Episode 2, and had it the moment it was released.  And yet, as with so many other games, I started doing something else halfway into the game, and never got around to finishing it.  This one should only take a few hours to do, and I really should just set aside some time and do it.

Mass Effect

Status: Finished multiple times, just want more achievements / gamer points

I’m an achievement whore, what do you expect?

So where do you stand on your games?  Got a lot of games that need some loving?

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  1. Benaroth - Over a year ago

    My friend finally got D2! Now my can co-op online :D

    He took the good part of almost an hour just trying to decide which character he wanted to play as! Me on the other hand took all of two seconds to pick my character :p

  2. xot - Over a year ago

    I still haven’t played the first Diablo, but there it is staring me in the face. I have a lot of older classic PC games I haven’t finished or even started yet. GTA3, Ultima VII, Ultima VIII, X-Com, Syndicate, Star Control, Creature, Spy Craft, Drowned God, AOE1+Rise of Rome, and some others I need to play as “research”.

    I’m finally wrapping up the completionist OCD portion of Twilight Princess for Game Cube. I just got, so it wasn’t really on my backlog, but I’ve been salivating for it for 18 months. Great game with some disappointing flaws. The enemy AI was seriously dumbed down, I don’t doubt to make the game less frustrating with Wii motion controls. It found it a major step backwards when using a standard Game Cube controller. Otherwise, I rather enjoyed it. Very good looking, nice new features, total fan service in many ways. Midna is the most interesting character to ever grace a Zelda game.

  3. Deus Ph3x - Over a year ago

    Nice blog. Interesting Info. I’m not much of a blog reader (or writer) . I usually just read NPT’s blog, but he hasn’t come with anything really interesting lately.

    Nice to know about Diablo III is getting released, I never heard anything about it until now.

    About games in my backlog, well, usually I never finish any game. I think the only ones that I’ve finished are Diablo II, GTA: VC and Half Life 1 & 2.

  4. FredFredrickson - Over a year ago

    I think GTA: VC is the only GTA game I’ve ever actually finished (without cheating, anyway). It was very satisfying, and though I hated the plot twist at the end, I really liked the game overall. Good stuff!

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