Windows 8

I have to admit– I’m curious about Windows 8. This probably doesn’t come as that big of a surprise, since Windows has been my primary OS since my family first got a computer about two decades ago, but I still consider it significant, seeing as Win 8 is looking to be such a departure from previous incarnations of the software.

I’m not particularly excited about the metro interface, since I’ve been using it on my phone for a long time now. I’m actually more interested to see what kind of tablet devices manufacturers will come up with for it, and how they will factor into the flow of all the other devices we already use.

I’m still of mind that a tablet is a pretty pointless addition to a lineup which already includes a desktop computer, a laptop, and a smart phone. But I think that if it becomes possible to use a tablet as tablets are used today, but also dock it to a workstation to use a laptop / desktop type machine, it makes much more sense than a tablet-only device, like an iPad. Especially for someone looking to replace an aging laptop, but who hasn’t yet bought into the whole tablet thing.

That’s not necessarily my situation; I’m still pretty happy with the continued performance of my years-old laptop. But I have to admit that a Win 8 tablet might be enticing, if it turns out to be as versatile as it seems it could.

We’ll see in the coming months, I guess!

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